Jury finds Colorado father guilty of murder and child abuse kills son – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2021-07-16 17:43:58 –

A jury in Denver-La Plata County, Colorado confirmed on Friday that Mark Redwine was found guilty of a second murder and child abuse. Death of his son, Dylan Redwine, Disappeared in November 2012.

After deliberation on Thursday afternoon and Friday for about six and a half hours, the jury 4-week trial discussion.. The court gasped when the jury read the conviction regarding the number of murders.

The verdict was made by Dylan Redwine, almost nine years after the age of thirteen. Disappeared from my father’s house Near Lake Valechito on the outskirts of Durango.Dylan I was there on a court order visit..

Jury convicted of Mark Redwine’s second murder and child abuse after his son Dylan’s death

Some of Dylan’s bodies were found in June 2013, about 10 miles from his father’s home. According to the indictment And his skull was discovered more than two years later in November 2015, about a mile and a half away from its original location.

Mark Red Wine (59 years old) Arrested in 2017 To State of Washington Handed over to Colorado in connection with the case, but has been tried Miss trials are delayed or seen multiple times In the years since then.

During ~ Trial and closing argumentProsecutor Michael Dougherty claimed Dylan, Mark’s relationship frayed by the time Durango flew to Durango to visit his father, and Mark furiously killed his son during a discussion hours later.

Much of the evidence the prosecutor relied on was contextual, but as Dylan’s body was scattered around the area by scavengers, Doherty was dismantled by Mark Redwine in a trial, killing his son and dismantling his skull. He claimed to have scattered other bodies from his home to Middle Mountain Road. Evidence told the jury that Dylan’s body showed signs of blunt and sharp trauma.

In closing arguments, Dougherty said Mark Redwine was the only person to have the opportunity and reason to hurt Dylan, reiterating the evidence Dylan was presented in court. Blood found In his house.

He also invited experts on how the corpse dog hit the human body, truck, and his clothes in Mark Redwine’s house, and Mark was in the weeks and counts after his son’s disappearance. He said he suspiciously avoided it for months and years.

Dougherty also claimed that Mark Redwine was furious and killed his son after Dylan faced him. Photograph that Mark is supposed to be eating feces And wearing women’s underwear. Dylan’s mother was given custody nine months ago and was said to have deteriorated her relationship with her son.

Mark Red Wine Indictment Dylan insisted that he was angry with his father several times and said he didn’t want to visit him because he was uncomfortable looking at the compromised photo.

Mark Redwine’s public defender, Justin Bogan, used circumstantial evidence to convey evidence to the jury. Mark did not support killing his son – He said the prosecution’s evidence was “very thin” and told the jury that the prosecutor was asking him to guess when finding the verdict.

“They don’t provide you with information about what actually happened,” Bogan said.

However, the jury took little time to reach a unanimous conviction in both respects.

The judge set Redwine’s decision date on October 8th at 9 am. Both counts for which Redwine was convicted are class felony with a potential imprisonment of up to 48 years.

This story was first reported by Blair Miller on TheDenverChannel.com.

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