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Tampa, Florida 2021-11-18 08:36:14 –

The jury who attended the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will return to the courthouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin on Thursday to begin the third day of deliberation.

The 18-year-old Rittenhaus faces murder charges in which two protesters were killed and a third protester was injured during a series of anti-police atrocities demonstrations in August 2020.

on WednesdayThe jury worked all day without a verdict. The jury asked the court if the video presented during the trial could be re-watched, Judge Bruce Schroeder admitted.

The defense lawyer then argued that the copy of the video received from the prosecution was of poor quality and asked the judge to declare a fraudulent trial in the case. Prosecutors argued that they gave them the highest quality video clips available for defense, and that the clips were played during the trial without objection.

The defense movement called on judges to prejudice and declare illegal trials. That is, if the motion is granted, the prosecutor will not be able to retrial the Rittenhouse. Schroeder did not immediately determine the request.

It was the second time in a few weeks that a Rittenhouse lawyer had filed a prejudiced illegal trial in court. Attorneys challenged the prosecutor’s series of questions and sought an illegal trial after Rittenhaus ran for his defense last week. Schroeder also did not rule in that case.

Rittenhaus was 17 years old when he traveled to Kenosha from his home near Antioch, Illinois, as protests struck the city following a shooting by Jacob Blake police. The Rittenhouse and others have been armed to protect local businesses from looters and vandals.

During the August 25 demonstration, Rittenhaus shot and killed three protesters and two. Police allowed him to leave the scene, but he later left himself to the authorities.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution portrayed Rittenhaus as an invader in an attempt to nullify his allegations of self-defense.

The defense argued that Rittenhaus felt his life was at stake.

The Rittenhouse has one intentional murder, one reckless murder, one attempted murder, one two counts that recklessly endanger safety, and one failure to comply with an emergency order. Facing sin. If convicted of the number of intentional murders, he faces life imprisonment.

The Rittenhouse trial deliberations will resume Thursday at 9 am local time.

Jury returns for third day of deliberations Source link Jury returns for third day of deliberations

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