Jury trials suspended in Jefferson and Gilpin counties as coronavirus hits court workers – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2020-11-08 17:26:11 –

A small outbreak of coronavirus among court staff in the First Judicial District and the rise in cases in Jefferson and Gilpin counties prompted Chief Justice Jeffrey Pilkington on Friday to suspend all jury trials until January 2021.

Three court workers have tested positive for COVID-19 and 12 more staff have been quarantined, Pilkington wrote in Friday’s order, which suspended all jury trials in Jefferson and Gilpin counties until ‘by January 18 at least.

“This had a significant impact on the district’s ability to conduct its activities, including testing,” Pilkington wrote of the outbreak.

With the suspension, the First Judicial District joins courts in Boulder and Denver, which also have suspended jury trials until 2021 amid the growing threat of COVID-19.

The first judicial district had been conducting trials since the statewide moratorium was lifted on most trials in August, and had conducted 22 jury trials in district court and 50 in county court. Prior to delivering Friday’s ruling, Pilkington had already significantly limited jury trials during the holiday season, requiring that they be started and ended the same week, and banning trials all together for the weeks following Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new Year’s Day.

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