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President Donald Trump tried to use the U.S. Department of Justice to create the illusion of a legitimate investigation into the validity of the 2020 election results, a January 6 committee and former Justice Department leader said. He said on Thursday at the fifth hearing of this month’s panel.

During the weeks from the 2020 elections to January 6, 2021, on the day of the attack on the U.S. Capitol, the former president told Justice Department officials, “The elections were corrupt, and the rest were to me and Republicans. Leave it to me. ” According to former Deputy Prosecutor-General Richard Donohue.

Some Republicans appear to be willing to play the role Trump has proposed to them, publicly upholding the president’s unfounded allegations of the stolen elections, and developing a private strategy on how to overturn the outcome. I did.

At least five people, including Andy Biggs in Arizona, Matt Gaetz in Florida, and Scott Perry in Pennsylvania, will later seek forgiveness for their role in planning to overturn the election, a former White House chief of staff. At the end of the panel hearing of the US House of Representatives, official Mark Meadows said in a revelation. Perry, who was identified in a previous hearing as a seeker of amnesty, denied that he had sought amnesty.

The Panel called on Trump to launch a fierce pressure campaign against senior Justice Department officials in late December 2020 and early January 2021 to begin public investigations into non-existent fraudulent elections in major swing states. I presented the evidence.

Mr. Trump threatened a major reform to put an inexperienced environmental lawyer at the top of the department just to advance the allegations of fraudulent elections because he couldn’t get the Justice Department officials to take action. I did.

Trump decided to oppose the move at the last minute because it turned out to be ineffective.

“It was a brave attempt to use the US Department of Justice to advance the president’s personal political agenda,” Mississippi Democratic Party chairman Beni G. Thompson said in an opening statement.

Mr. Trump wanted the department to act because it justified his claim that the election was stolen from him, the panel said.

In a December 27 call between Jeffrey Rosen and Donohue’s deputy prosecutor, Trump was not interested in the actual results of the Justice Department’s investigation, Donohue said.

Rosen told Trump that the ministry couldn’t change the outcome of the election.

“He responded very quickly,” said Donohue. “And he essentially said,’That’s not what I’m asking you to do. What I’m asking you to do is say it’s corrupt and leave the rest to me and Republicans. It’s up to you. ”

The panel showed Donohue’s handwritten note from the phone citing Trump saying the same thing.

Georgia letter

Liz Cheney, a Republican member of the Wyoming State Commission, said Trump’s judiciary centered on a draft letter that Assistant Assistant Attorney Jeffrey Clark would send to Georgia’s legislative leaders. He said the ministry was interfering.

Other letters were prepared for the other states, she added, but she did not name them.

The letter claims that a federal Justice Department investigation has found a serious fraud, perhaps sufficient to reverse Trump’s loss in the state. The letter urged state legislators to convene and approve a slate of fake voters to vote for Trump on behalf of the state’s actual winner, Joe Biden.

“If this letter was published in the official letterhead of the Ministry of Justice, President Trump’s allegations of fraud are very realistic for all Americans, including those who may tend to come to Washington on January 6th. I would have mistakenly said that it was likely, “Chainy said.

Clark wrote in three signature lines: Jeffrey Rosen and Donohue’s deputy lawyer for himself. Rosen and Donohue refused to sign the letter, which was never sent. They also appeared before the committee on Thursday detailing the pressure Trump and his allies put on the sector to create the illusion of cheating in the elections.

In a taped testimony with the Commission, Clark has invoked his Fifth Amendment 125 times for self-incrimination, said Commission member Adam Kinzinger, R-Ill. Said.

Clark installation

At the “enthusiastic” Oval Office meeting with Rosen, Donohue, Clark, legal adviser Stephen Engel and White House adviser Pat Chiporon on January 3, Trump said Rosen was his. Justify the allegations of fraud.

Rosen took over from Attorney General Bill Barr, who investigated Trump’s fraudulent allegations, but found nothing substantive and argued with Trump about the validity of the allegations. Bar resigned on December 23.

Clark had been fishing for the job since then. He visited the White House on December 22nd with Perry, Pennsylvania.

Perry later told a local television news station that Trump had asked him to introduce Clark.Clark is from Philadelphia and is a Philadelphia Inquirer. Reported..

The panel also provided a text from Perry, the leader of HouseFreedom Caucus on the far right, to Meadows, who played the same role as a North Carolina house member before getting a job at the White House. In the text, Perry seemed to advocate promoting Clark within the department.

Clark’s only qualification was that he would be ordered by Trump to work to overturn the election, Kinzinger said.

“President Trump did not refuse the answer,” Kinzinger said. “He didn’t accept it from Attorney General Bar, and he didn’t accept it from Mr. Rosen either. So he looked for another Attorney General. It’s the third person in two weeks. He’s a fact. I had to find someone who was willing to ignore. ”

At a meeting in the Oval Office, Donohue argued that Clark, an environmental lawyer who had never attempted a criminal case or led a criminal investigation, was incapable of maintaining his position. Clark objected, saying he dealt with complex environmental proceedings.

“And I said,’Yes, you’re an environmental lawyer. At a meeting in the Oval Office, Mr. Donohue testified.

Donohue testified that Siporon also opposed sending a Georgia letter, calling it a “murder-suicide agreement” because it “damages everyone who touches it.”

Donald and Engel threatened to quit both if Trump replaced Rosen with Clark. They said the same was true for the other Assistant Attorneys, and Clark wouldn’t have the help to lead the department.

In addition to what the Justice Department said was ethically inappropriate for receiving orders from the presidential campaign, Clark said he lacked the credibility and experience to effectively guide the Justice Department. Donohue insisted. Clark was unable to complete an effective fraud investigation for three days before the election was approved, Donohue said.

Later, Trump decided to oppose the plan, Donohue said.

Amnesty bomb

Near the end of the hearing, the panel played part of the recorded deposits of Cassidy Hutchinson, an aide to Meadows. Hutchinson said Republicans have contacted the White House Chief of Staff for amnesty related to plans to overturn the elections.

Hutchinson nominated Bigs, Gates, Perry, Mobrooks, Texas, and Louie Gomart, Texas, for seeking a direct amnesty from Meadows.

In a written statement, Perry flatly denied Hutchinson’s explanation.

“I support my statement that I have never sought the president’s amnesty from myself or any other member of parliament,” he said. “I never talked to the White House scheduler Miss Hutchinson or the White House staff about the amnesty of myself or other members of the Diet. This never happened.”

The panel also wrote a January 11 email from Brooks to the White House, seeking amnesty for all members who voted against Biden’s proof of election victory. Mr. Brooks said Mr. Trump asked him to send an email, which “also complies with the request from Matt Gaetz.”

Eric Hirschman, a Trump White House lawyer, said in a tape testimony that Gates is seeking a very broad amnesty “for everything.”

Gates had been seeking amnesty since early December, Hutchinson said, adding that he didn’t know why.

John McKenty, a former White House secretary of the president’s amnesty, said in a tape testimony that Gates had told him he had sought an amnesty.

Both Gates and Brooks sought “full amnesty” from the members who attended the meeting on December 21 and “the few other members,” Hutchinson said.

Asked if Gates’ explanation for the amnesty was true, the spokesman sent a tweet from Gates, who criticized the commission, but did not answer the amnesty question.

Ohio Republican US Congressman Jim Jordan asked the Meadows office for a full amnesty, Hutchinson said.

According to a tweet from a House Judiciary Republican account led by Jordan, Hutchinson’s testimony that Jordan “was talking about parliamentary amnesty, but he never asked me for amnesty,” said Hutchinson’s testimony “100% fake news.” “was.

When asked if U.S. Congressman Marjorie Taylor Greene sought an amnesty, Hutchinson said he “heard” that a Georgian Republican had sought an amnesty from the White House’s advisory office. , Did not contact Mr. Hutchinson.

“To say’heard’means you don’t know,” Green tweeted following the hearing. “Disseminating gossip and lies is exactly what the Witch Hunting Commission on January 6th is all about.”

A Biggs spokesman didn’t immediately return a message asking for comment.

The Commission has not issued an official statement on the upcoming schedule, but the hearing on Thursday was expected to be the last until the end of the July 4 holiday.

Future hearings will focus on Trump’s direction of violence against the Capitol in order to suspend approval of the presidential election, Thompson said.

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