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Cleveland, Ohio (WJW) – Over 39,000 Cleveland Determined the future of city leadership on Tuesday Mayor primary..

About 15% of voters cast ballots to decide whether the two mayoral candidates will move forward.

Justin Bibb won the most votes of all seven candidates for the race with 10,635 votes.

34 years old grew up in Cleveland On the southeastern side, he is currently the chief strategy officer of the non-profit Urbanova.

He had dreamed of becoming a mayor since he was in the third year of high school.

“We believe we can’t afford to buy the same anymore, because the same has led us to this point now … and I’m now, not yesterday, not tomorrow, now. I believe it’s a time of bold, new, dynamic and visionary leadership, not failed politics or past politics, “he told supporters on Tuesday night.

I think our message to defeat this culture of self-satisfaction really resonates throughout the city. Looking at our achievements as the current city, the poorest metropolis in the United States, and the city with the fewest connections in terms of the digital divide, we have reached this point with the idea of ​​maintaining the status quo. “

Bib meets President Kevin Kelly of City Council on November 2ndNS..

Kevin Kelly spent four terms as a councilor in the Old Brooklyn district of District 13.

Kelly claimed 7,597 votes.

He says a lot has been successful in the city over the last 16 years, but he wants to make more changes.

In ” Cleveland No one is left behind in what we create. We don’t accept terms like the digital divide, we disagree with the idea that your life expectancy and health outcomes are determined by your zip code, we’re going to build a better Cleveland together “He said on Tuesday.

St. Edwards graduates are raising five daughters with their wives.

“My vision is to be able to build a strong, safe and prosperous area where families can see their future and want to move to the city of Cleveland, because this is where they see a good school system. This is where they see a safe community, where they see them getting older together. Every day, I think we have a city that everyone cherishes. “

Outgoing Mayor Frank Jackson I have been in office since 2006.He decided not to ask for 5NS semester.

Kelly and Bib emerged from a crowded field of seven people.

Former Mayor of Cleveland, Presidential Candidate, State Assembly Member Dennis Kucinich I couldn’t use his name recognition to attract voters.

He finished the race at 3rd Location with 6,481 votes.

FOX 8 has contacted Justin Bib and Kevin Kelly to appear on FOX 8 at 8am.

Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelley to face off in November Source link Justin Bibb and Kevin Kelley to face off in November

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