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JuTahn McClain, Izayah Cummings can help Kentucky – Louisville/Jefferson County, Kentucky

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A new attack represents a new life in Kentucky football. That applies to all positions.

In the 2020 class, both Izayah Cummings and Ju Tahn McClain won solid recruitment wins. Vince Mallow went to Louisville and Metro Cincinnati, landed both, and each headed for Lexington with great expectations. After playing modestly as true freshmen, each is back in their second year playing for a coach in a new position.

After Kentucky Funding, it became very clear that each player in the second year could make up the majority of Liam Cohen’s attack in 2021. Expect both to contribute this season.

JuTahn McClain

Once a high three-star outlook from Ohio, McLean played 11 games and rushed with a 62-yard spot duty. However, former attack coordinator Eddie Gran constantly praised the Fairfield (Ohio) high product, which rushed 4,406 yards to catch 48 passes during his preparation career. The dual threat capability was fully exhibited at Krogerfield.

Cohen frequently used McLean in slots and jet motion to take advantage of tailbacks throughout the field. Tailbacks were often the target of quick outbreak routes, as well as getting snaps with traditional running backs. McClain looks like a player who can become a Swiss Army knife in a Kentucky attack this fall.

Expect the second year tailback to touch football in a variety of ways, including out-of-zone handoffs, jet sweeps, screens, and traditional receivers. When Kentucky is looking for more answers in wide out positions, one solution is to use two backsets by relying on McLean’s versatility of positions to create a favorable situation for Wildcats. That is.

Isaiah Cummings

The former three-star recruit from Malehai in Louisville, Kentucky was a major recruit victory in the wide receiver position. Kentucky was looking for Cummings to influence the attack on the X receiver, but after playing modestly last season, the sophomore in the red shirt decided to change positions.

KSR Nick Lausch on Monday Reported position switchAnd on Friday, Mark Stoops confirmed that Cummings asked for a fit for modern football.

“Obviously he was always a tween,” Stoops told reporters about Cummings. “He’s a very big, athletic guy and we need it. In fact, when you look at it and watch football at the next level, they love the tight end of athletics. There are in-line guys, physical guys, guys who can do everything, but we need to find the right way as the open and severe mismatch Super Athletic Tight End is becoming more and more valuable. There is use him. “

On Saturday, Cummings passed the visual test. The 6’3 target was a popular option for all Kentucky quarterbacks, noticing that it was always open to itself. Cummings will gain a fair share of Snap and become a player helping Kentucky this season.

JuTahn McClain, Izayah Cummings can help Kentucky Source link JuTahn McClain, Izayah Cummings can help Kentucky

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