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Fresno, California 2022-06-24 23:48:43 –

Juul can continue to sell e-cigarettes, at least for now, after the Federal Court of Appeals temporarily blocked the government’s ban on Friday.

Juul filed an urgent motion early Friday, seeking a temporary hold while appealing for a ban on sales.

The e-cigarette maker has requested the court to suspend what is called “abnormal and illegal behavior” by the Food and Drug Administration.

The FDA said Thursday that Juul must stop selling its vaping device and its cigarette and menthol-flavored cartridges.

This action was part of a radical effort by government agencies to bring scientific scrutiny to the multi-billion dollar e-cigarette industry after years of regulatory lag.

To stay on the market, businesses must show that their e-cigarettes benefit public health. In fact, that means that adult smokers who use them may quit or reduce smoking, and teens are less likely to get hooked on them.

The FDA said Juul’s application left serious questions for regulators and did not contain sufficient information to assess potential health risks. Juul said he provided sufficient information and data to address all the issues raised.

A committee of three judges from the US Court of Appeals in the District of Columbia Circuit granted Juul’s request for suspension while the court was considering the case.

Juul is still a top seller, but its share of the US e-cigarette market has dropped by about half. The company was widely accused of a surge in e-cigarettes for minors a few years ago, but a recent federal survey shows that the incidence of teenage e-cigarettes has declined and is shifting away from Juul’s products. Was shown.

The device heats the nicotine solution into inhaled vapor, bypassing many of the toxic chemicals produced by the burning of cigarettes.

The company said in a court filing on Friday that it submitted a 125,000-page application to the FDA nearly two years ago. The application contains several studies to assess the health risks of Juul users.

Juul said it cannot claim that there was a “significant and urgent public interest” in immediately removing the product from the market when the FDA allowed the product to be sold during the review.

The company noted that while the FDA was approving submissions from competitors using similar products, it rejected the application.

The FDA has approved e-cigarettes from RJ Reynolds, Logic, and other companies, but many others have rejected them.

In 2019, Juul was pressured to stop all advertising and eliminate fruit and dessert flavors after it became popular among middle school and high school students. The following year, the FDA limited the flavors of small vaping devices to tobacco and menthol.

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Juul can keep selling e-cigarettes as court blocks FDA ban Source link Juul can keep selling e-cigarettes as court blocks FDA ban

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