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Former DA Nome Flink said Brown’s decision was “illegal.”

Portland, Oregon (KOIN) — Thursday, Governor Kate Brown allowed 74 boys to be commuted But this action does not mean that they are about to be released. It gives them the opportunity to hear parole or release as early as possible.

All prisoners are considered to have committed these crimes as teenagers. Approximately three-quarters of an estimated 250 prisoners meeting Brown’s criteria were sentenced under Measure 11.

Former Multnomah County DA Nome Flink, October 22, 2021 (KOIN)

Retired Multnomah County Supreme Deputy District Attorney Nome Frink has charged at least two men on the list of men whose decisions will be reviewed.

“It spits in the face of law enforcement and crime victims not even consulting them before taking this action,” Flink said. “It’s also illegal because it’s flying in the face of the procedural requirements of Oregon law.”

“He is a sociopath”

Almost 10 years ago, Randy Tennant’s nephew Andrew Johnson was convicted of stabbing and killing Randy’s mother at the age of 17.

Johnson is one of the convicted boys on Brown’s list of prisoners who are believed to be on parole or early release.

Tenants are not happy.

“He’s dangerous to society. He’s a member of society,” Tenant told KOIN6 News. “We were told that extreme criminals wouldn’t go back to someone like him.”

This happened two years after Oregon passed a Senate bill that would change the way Oregon charges a convicted boy when he grows up.

“This is not” I hijacked the car, I lifted and shopped “. This is the one who brutally killed someone and boasted about doing it at an early age, “Tenant said. “He is an antisocial personality-he has not been rehabilitated.”

One who is not considered Kip Kinkel who killed his parents before going A mass shooting in a high school in Oregon in 1998 killed two classmates and injured another 25. “

Oregon Prison (KOIN, File)

About Senate Bill 1008

Measure 11 crimes It is some of the state’s most serious crimes, including sexual abuse, rape and murder. The bill also applied a compulsory minimum imprisonment.

Senate Bill 1008 In 2019, Ballot Bill 11 was amended and passed. SB1008 will ensure that the judge will be waived to determine if it is appropriate to impose adult punishment. Even if a young person is sentenced in an adult court, he or she is entitled to a “trial” in the middle of the decision or a parole trial 15 years later. Prior to SB 1008, individuals over the age of 15 who committed major 11 crimes were automatically exempt from adult court.

According to a statement provided by the Governor’s Office, Brown’s approach allows imprisoned youth to be considered for potential conditional or parole hearing opportunities.

“Governor Brown believes that crime prevention and youth rehabilitation need to be more important than severe punishment and long and costly imprisonment,” the Governor’s Office said in a statement.

The governor’s statement stated that young people must be held accountable — but their brains are still developing. The criminal justice system does not take this into account.

According to Brown’s office, the review will take place over the next few months and no decision will be made until December or January. Each case will be reviewed individually.

Victims and their families are notified according to standard victim procedures for commuting.

This bill was not retroactive. This means that young people sentenced to more than 15 years in 2020 cannot ask the Oregon Parole Commission and post-prison supervision to consider future releases.

“Many of these young individuals pursue education, are fully engaged in treatment or other skill-based programs, and become leaders in the facility before or before they move under the control of the DOC,” Brown said. Says.

Juvenile commutations ‘spits in face of cops, crime victims’ Source link Juvenile commutations ‘spits in face of cops, crime victims’

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