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Kainani Kahaunaele’s first album “Nau Oe” won three Hoku in 2004, including the female vocalist of the year. The second “Ohai Ula” was reviewed in both Hawaiian languages ​​in 2011. The third “Waipunalei” has more than doubled tonight as the Hawaii Recording Arts Academy (HARA) announced the winners of the 2021 Nahoku Hanohano Awards, winning seven awards in six categories. bottom.

The Kahaunaere awards included the album of the year for the producers and artists of the album. Since Kahaunaere is the producer of the album, this award won her two awards. One is a recording artist and the other is a producer. Kahaunaere also won a female vocalist, Hawaiian music album, Song of the Year, Hakumere, and Hawaiian Language Performance.

Lukela Keala, co-founder and lead vocalist of the local reggae trio Ekolu, had the best night of his own career. Keira’s solo album of the same name won a male vocalist and an island music album. The trio album “2020” won the Group of the Year and reggae albums, and won a total of four albums a year.

Iolani and Natalie Aikamau have won three Hoku this year’s singles, the Hawaiian Singles of the Year and the Music Video of the Year.

Henry Kapono, Keilana and Zachary Arakai Lamb each received two awards.

In compliance with COVID-19 social distance requirements, the winners’ referral and performance segments were recorded at the Hawaii Theater Center in September. All finalists recorded the acceptance speech “just in case”. The winner’s pre-recorded speech was plugged in before the broadcast. The show will be rebroadcast on Saturday at 7:00 pm on KGMB and on October 30 at 7:00 pm on KHNL.

Winners in 32 categories were determined by HARA membership. Winners in 6 other categories (2 Hawaiian categories (Hakumere and Hawaiian Performance), 2 Engineering categories (Engineering-General and Engineering-Hawaiian), Liner Notes and Graphics) are selected by a panel of experts. It was done.

Capono was also the winner of the Entertainer of the Year Award, determined by a general vote on the HARA website.

Winners of the internationally recognized album category will also be determined. The criteria used to determine the eligibility of a category and the eligibility of the arbitrator have not been published.

The Ki-hoalu Legacy Award is managed by Milton Lau and the Ki-hoalu Foundation. Since its founding in 1991, it has been presented as part of the North Award.



>> Album of the Year (awarded to artists and producers): “Wipe Naray”, Kainanika Haunaere (Mawawa Music LLC), Kainanika Haunere, Producer

>> This year’s group: Ecole, “2020” (Yev Records)

>> >> Male vocalist: Lucera Keara, “Lukela Keara” (Yev Records)

>> >> Female vocalist: Kainani Kahaunaele, “Waipunalei” (Mahuahua Music LLC)

>> >> Most promising artists: Kaylana, “I am” (Zeo Music)

>> >> Alternative Album: “Chroma (Vol. 1)”, Sean Cleland (Sean Cleland Music LLC)

>> >> Anthology (Producer Award): “Anthology Album”, Tropical Knights (KDE Record)

>> >> Christmas album: “Kapena: Kapena Family Christmas Special” Kapena (KDE Record)

>> >> Christmas single: “OHoly Night”, Kalani Peʻa (Peʻa Records & Entertainment)

>> >> Compilation Album (Producer Award): “Lei Nahonoapiilani: Na Mele Hou”, Various Artists (North Beach West Maui Benefit Fund), Zachary Alakai Lum, Nicholas Kealii Lum, Producer

>> >> Modern album: “Henry’s House” Henry Kapono (Kapono Records)

>> >> Modern Acoustic Album: “First Dance”, Caleo Phillips (Maui Records)

>> >> EP (extended play): “Where I live” Kalae (Kalaʻe)

>> >> Hawaiian EP: “He Mele No Papa”, Kalani Miles (Mea Nui Records LLC)

>> >> Hawaiian Music Album: “Wipe Naray” Kainanika Haunaere (Mawawa Music LLC)

>> >> Hawaiian Music Video: “Worldwide # Jam4MaunaKea — Ku Haaheo & Hawaii Loa”, Mana Maoli (Mana Maoli)

>> >> Hawaiian Single: “My Sweet” Iolani & Natalie I Kamau (Keko Records LLC)

>> >> Hawaiian Slack Key Album: “Far Away”, Patrick Randeza (Addison Street)

>> >> Hip Hop Album: “From under Mauna Kea” Punahere (Punahere)

>> >> Island Music Album: Lucera Keara, “Lukela Keara” (Waihee)

>> >> Instrumental album: “Queen Liliuokalani” Mana Music Quartet (Mana Music Hawaii)

>> >> Instrumental composition (composer award): “Brave” by Kris Fuchigami of the single “Brave” (Kris Fuchigami)

>> >> Jazz album: “Your Refrain” by Maggie Herron Song Records

>> >> Metal album: “Poisoned Love” Storm (Tin Idol Production)

>> >> Music video: “Noelani”, Iolani & Natalie I Kamau (Keko Records LLC)

>> >> R & B Album: “I am” Keilana (Zeo Music)

>> >> Reggae album: “2020”, Ekolu (Waiehu Records)

>> >> Religious album: “Na Harel” Kenneth McAkane (McAkane Music Music)

>> >> Rock album: “Diamond Head Road”, Michael Piranha (Tubby Tunes Records)

>> >> single:“Noelani”, Iolani & Natalie I Kamau (Keko Records LLC)

>> >> Song of the Year (Composer Award): “Waipnarei” by Kainanika Haunaere of “Waipnarei” – Kainanika Haunere (Mawawa Music LLC)

>> >> “Ukulele Album: “‘Ukulele Life'” Herb Ohta Junior (Rele Music Productions)

Favorite entertainer

(Determined by general vote)

>> Henry Kapono

Arbitrated category

>> >> Hakumere (Composer Award): Hiapo K. Perreira & Kainani Kahaunaele for “Ohaoha Kou Lei Pua I Ka Hikina” from Waipunalei, Kainani Kahaunaele (Mahuahua Music LLC)

>> >> Hawaiian Performance: Kainanika Haunaere of “Wipe Naray” (Mawawa Music LLC)

>> >> Hawaiian Engineering: Michael Kasil (Soulforth Records) of “Ray Macamae” by Macamae Auwae

>> >> General engineering: Imua Garza, Nate Brown, Evan Kai in “In The Wilderness” by Rachel Morley (Zeo Music Worship)

>> >> Liner Notes Award: Uilani Tanigawa Lum & Zachary Alakai Lum for “Huliamahi, Vol. 1 inch by various artists (Kuahuli Leo Le’a)

>> >> Graphic Award: Elsa Senner of “Sway”, Tavana (Tavana)

>> >> International Album: “Leolani” Kaulana (Kaulana Entertainment)


(Operated by Kihoal Foundation)

>> Stephen Inglis

Kainani Kahaunaele wins big at 2021 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards; View the list of winners Source link Kainani Kahaunaele wins big at 2021 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards; View the list of winners

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