Kaitlyn Bristowe provides insights into Katie’s meltdown after the Greg Split

As one of the only people with front row seats in Season 17 single, Caitlin Bristow Giving more insight Katie Thurston When Greg Grippo‘NS Cluttered split..

“In fact, I didn’t completely know how everything went down until I looked back on it. I was just listening to Katie, and she was actually self-deprecating about it. Was, “said the 36-year-old co-host. “Clickbait” podcast Thursday, August 5th. “I feel like she wasn’t angry at the time. She didn’t like it, “Oh, Greg put a gas light on me.” … She was like “I don’t know what happened”. … I was sick of Greg until I looked back on it. “

Kaitlyn Bristowe Details Katie Meltdown ABC

During a Monday episode in the ABC series, Greg (28) accused Katie (30) of dismissing his feelings after opening his heart about the loss of his father.

“Was Katie a little more responsive when she said these things? Of course, but he replied that I thought it was a bull.” Caitlin continued in the bathroom. The moment she comforted Katie, she said she was “confused.”

Greg also accused the former bank manager of being unreal after promising roses and trying to reassure himself.

“There’s a list, there’s a rose, there’s an arrangement,” Caitlin said Thursday in support of Katie’s terminology. “She gave him a lot of relief throughout the show.”

New Jersey natives eventually quit the show and Katie threatened to do the same.

After co-sponsoring “Clickbait” Joe Amabile “Katey could definitely handle it well. [but] If it was true love, I think it wasn’t enough to call it quit, “Caitlin agreed.

“that is single. If she can’t verify him to the end, she can’t really make it go back and forth completely, “said Season 11 Reed. “And I think he just wanted to quit before he was fired. His ego was so hurt at that moment that he thought,’Turn this over and get out of here.’ increase.

When asked if Katie I was seriously thinking about leaving the show — And her last two, Justin glaze When Breakmoins — Caitlin confirmed that she wanted to quit.

“I think she really said she quit it …. So it’s so cool because I was there. She really was,’I feel so lonely. No one can understand this, I go home. I don’t even care what that means for my contract. I don’t care what it means for the other two, “Kaitlin recalled. “At that moment [she] It was done. And to hear someone else do that,’I spent the very moment. I wanted to quit. I told everyone to stop. They didn’t show it, but I said all of them you were saying. And when you finally reach, whether you choose no one or someone, you’ll be like, “Oh, that happened for a reason.” Please overcome this. This is the worst part. It’s almost over. ‘”

3 hour season 17 finale single Broadcast on ABC on Monday, August 9th at 8pm

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Kaitlyn Bristowe provides insights into Katie’s meltdown after the Greg Split

Source link Kaitlyn Bristowe provides insights into Katie’s meltdown after the Greg Split

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