Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple

                                     Kalaram Temple          

The state of Maharashtra is an abode of temples of importance. These temples are spread over the state and are popular religious sites. One such temple is the Kalaram Temple. Housed in the city of Nasik, this temple is the most important of all Hindu temples in the entire state of Maharashtra. Kalaram literally means, black Rama. This temple is dedicated to Lord Rama. Kalaram Temple has its roots attached to the famous Hindu epic, Ramayana.

More about Kalaram Temple

Kalaram Temple was built in the year 1788 and was funded by Sardar rangarao Odhekar. Like every other temple, this temple also has a beautiful story associated with it. It is said that once Odhekar had a dream that the statue of Lord Rama was there in the Godavari River. This statue was black in colour. Mesmerized by his own dream Odhekar built the Kalaram Temple and placed the very black statue of Lord Rama which he retrieved from the river.

Historical Background of the Kalaram Temple

The famous story of related to the temple above says a lot about the birth of the temple. But one can trace this temple’s being in Ramayana.

Lord Rama along with his abode, Sita and brother Laxman were sent in exile for 14 years. During this period of time they moved around several parts of India. In the tenth year of their exile they came and settled along the northern bank of the river Godavari. This place is near the city of Nasik and is known as Panchvati. The existence of the Kalaram Temple is thus in this way associated with the Ramayana. People from all over the nation come to pay reverence to this from of Lord Rama.

This temple has played an important role in the Dalit movement in India. Under the leadership of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar there was a protest organized outside the temple premises on March 2, 1930. This protest was organized for allowing the entry of dalits inside the temple.

In and Around the Kalaram Temple

The temple is made in the ancient architectural style. It is made out of black stone. The temple sanctum sanctorum houses the famous black statue of Lord Rama. In addition to this there also exists the statues of Goddess Sita and Lord Laxman inside the temple. These statues are adorned with jewels and flowers. They reflect serenity and spirituality. The enyrance has a statue of Lord Hanuman. This statue is also in black. Lord Hanuman was an ardent devotee of Lord Rama and he had helped Lord Rama in his quest to search Sita. There exists an old tree inside the temple complex. This tree had Lord Dattatreya’s footprint impression marked on a stone.

A Tourist’s Guide

Kalaram Temple is open on all days of the week from 5:30 am to 10 pm. The nearest railway station from here is Nasik Railway Station. The nearest airport is Nasik Airport. One can easily find public transport around the Kalaram Temple. Hotels and lodges are situated at walking distance from the temple. One can also book hotels online. The area around the temple is flooded with a large number of accommodation options. Photography is not allowed inside the temple complex. Entry is not ticketed here. Any person irrespective of one’s class, creed and sex can enter this temple.

Kalaram Temple practices the Vaishnavite culture. Lord Rama is one of the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. This temple is a hotspot of culture and tradition. The beautiful architecture of this temple leaves the visitors spellbound. This structure still stands tall and intact. The intricate carvings on the temple walls is a sight to cherish. These fine stone carvings here includes mythological elements.

Kalaram Temple is a place where one can find peace of mind. The tranquil atmosphere here makes one feel at ease. Every visitor goes back from this temple with a pleasant experience. A visit to this ancient structure makes one appreciate the architectural insight of the people of that period. One escalades to an altogether another world when in here.

It is a wonderful destination for people for people who are interested in historical monuments and also in spirituality. Many devotees flock in here during major Hindu festivals. The temple looks all colorful during the festival of Ramnavmi. Kalaram Temple is an architectural marvel and one must visit this temple when in Nasik.

Vaagisha Singh

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