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Kansas City, Missouri, businesses prepare for latest mask mandate in city – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-08-01 17:41:25 –

Kansas City, Missouri — The latest Maskman Date in Kansas City, Missouri will first come into effect on Monday morning, and local businesses will need to prepare accordingly.

“This is a serious problem that is happening and I will do whatever it takes to help someone,” said Kelsey Karen Berger, general manager of Tom’s Town Distillery.

The 17th and the flagship company on the main tram line are preparing for a new week with new health and safety requirements.

“I’m very interested in how this returns to its original position, because we’ve been doing business for quite some time as it was before a normal pandemic,” Karen Berger said.

Karen Berger also said bartenders, waiters and hosts are ready to continue working.

“All of our staff are vaccinated,” she said. “So I wasn’t really nervous about it, and as you know, I never knocked on a tree.

There are some nerves, a few blocks south of the intersection of PT’s Coffee.

Cafe manager Melody Westerman said, “There are certainly concerns. Some employees are worried that they may get sick, but they are taking precautions like everyone else.” Told.

Westerman is directly aware of the pandemic damage as he lost multiple families at COVID-19. She continues to lead the team with stable hands.

“(I) give employees some confidence and calm, and to keep them even more enthusiastic, you know, you know, I’m anxious during these times, I I think it could have a negative impact on us, “Westerman said. “So I just think we’ll all be okay, as you know. We’re here together.”

These and other Kansas City companies have learned how to coordinate. They have previously sailed in these areas and say they will.

“I would rather be financially hit and keep everyone safe and enjoy the beautiful moments of getting to the dance floor without having to worry a little more about weddings and maskless. Their greatness. Aunt Eliza, COVID “. “It sounds terrible, and I don’t want to be that instigator.”

Whether you’re drinking coffee in the morning, cocktails in the evening, or going to KCMO’s other indoor businesses, the mask will return early Monday.

Kansas City, Missouri, businesses prepare for latest mask mandate in city Source link Kansas City, Missouri, businesses prepare for latest mask mandate in city

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