Kansas labor unions rally in support of sweeping reform bill, workers’ rights – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-07-23 21:24:49 –

Topeka, Kansas (KSNT) —Kansas trade unions have risen in support of the “PRO Act,” a radical labor reform bill that passes parliament.

Trade union leaders participated Ongoing strike Held by Frito-Lay workers in Topeka on Friday.

The company manufactures popular snacks such as Doritos and Cheetos. One of the standard taglines is “Good Fun!”. But workers protesting for a long time, the “suicide shift,” said it was nothing.

“Overtime. Unpaid. Donna Leehane, a member of Wichita’s technical and professional trade union, SPEEA, said:

Leehane’s organization is responsible for representing thousands of workers in negotiating a takeover offer with Spirit Aerosystems. Dismissal During the coronavirus pandemic.

Retired Spirit Boeing workers said they knew directly what it would be like if the company didn’t first consider the needs of its employees.

“Many companies tend to do exactly what they need to do to meet the demand for the products they produce,” she said.

That’s why it’s important to pass legislation to help workers organize unions and “better rebuild”.

This law aims to protect and empower workers to exercise their rights. We plan to make some major changes across the country and in the states of Kansas.

John Nave, Executive Vice President of the Kansas AFL-CIO, said:

For decades, Kansas was in a “labor rights” state, but Nave said it could change with a new bill.

Among the many changes that the law is set to make, it allows unions to revoke the “right-to-work” law. These laws are in force in more than 20 states in the United States. In other words, Kansas cannot force you to join a trade union as a condition of employment.

Nave and Lee Hane said workers were still subject to union contract wages and allowances, even if they chose not to pay membership fees.

However, the PRO law allows unions to collect membership fees from those who decide to opt out, and leaders like Nave say they can help strengthen collective bargaining, especially when organizing workers. rice field.

“It gives every working family, every union family the ability to speak at the table,” he said.

The PRO Act also aims to make businesses accountable, limit interference with union elections, and set fines for businesses or executives who violate workers’ rights.

You start speaking and you can hear it clearly. You have the right to confront your employer.

For more information on the PRO method, click here..

Kansas labor unions rally in support of sweeping reform bill, workers’ rights Source link Kansas labor unions rally in support of sweeping reform bill, workers’ rights

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