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Kansas passed on earlier plan to upgrade unemployment system – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-09-20 17:22:38 –

Topeka, Kansas — A software company urged Kansas to upgrade its computer system to handle unemployment allowance claims, but five years before the U.S.-wide fraudulent claims flooded during the coronavirus pandemic. The state did not listen to the advice.

Topeka Capital-Journal Report In 2015, Oracle proposed that the Kansas Department of Labor carry out an upgrade to prevent fraud. The ministry put a long-standing modernization project on hold in 2011 under then-Republican Governor Sam Brownback.

Democratic Governor Laura Kelly has blamed the sector’s dilapidated system on issues dating back to the 1970s on issues related to unemployment allowance processing and fraud prevention. The state is preparing to launch another modernization project.

Earlier modernization projects had three contractors in seven years before the Brownback administration concluded that it was off the ground in 2011.

In response to Oracle’s proposal, Ministry of Labor leaders concluded that many upgrades could be handled in-house, even if the Ministry of Labor reduced information technology staff.

Michael Blatchford, IT architect for the canceled modernization project, said he was able to minimize fraud by accepting Oracle’s proposal. Recent legislative audit It is estimated that Kansas may have paid approximately $ 700 million in fraudulent charges between January 2020 and February 2021.

Kansas passed on earlier plan to upgrade unemployment system Source link Kansas passed on earlier plan to upgrade unemployment system

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