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Wichita, Kansas 2021-11-30 15:33:41 –

Topika, Kang (WDAF – Lansing’s woman used her creativity to complete her dream home in time for her vacation.

Johanna Rosson’s house is not the one most people dream of or dream of designing. Instead of picking and finishing equipment, Rosson’s design captivated her in the kitchen, where she spent weeks creating replicas of CEDAR CREST’s gingerbread.

The actual governor’s mansion was built in 1928 on 244 acres of land. The Rosson version ended up being about 4 feet x 2 feet because it had to be shipped to Topika by car. The gingerbread version is so large that it hardly fits in the vehicle. She said weathercocks could not be added to the top of the house until they were moved into place in the Capitol.

According to Rosson, it took 40 pounds of flour, 32 pounds of butter, and countless candies to build a house. She said she used a root beer candy stick as a gutter on the side of the mansion. If you look closely, you can see that the replica is adorned with garlands and lights for the holidays. Everything is organized by edible ingredients.

Light is the only non-edible thing used to build a house. Yes, the creation of this gingerbread is wired!on Rosson’s Facebook page She explains to her followers the process of using multiple light strings. Each string is on a different timer, so the light is on whenever the Capitol is open.

And without a little snow that Rosson confirmed added to the roof, a perfect holiday setting wouldn’t be possible.

The Gingerbread House will be on display at Topeka’s Kansas State Capitol until December 29th.

Kansas woman’s twist on Governor’s Mansion is seriously sweet Source link Kansas woman’s twist on Governor’s Mansion is seriously sweet

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