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New York (AP) — Kardashian fans were tickled by a big exposure: California civil servants behind a mystery …

New York (AP) — Kardashian fans were tickled by a big exposure: California civil servants have cranked out the droll post from a northwest perspective since Kim’s eldest son was born seven years ago, a mysterious social media Behind the handle.

She was Natalie Franklin, 35, of Sacramento, and was excited to appear in the episode “Kardashian Fuss” Thursday night after Kim and her sister Chloe chased her.

“Oh, my god, it was great,” Franklin told The Associated Press after the episode aired. “I have never met a famous celebrity.”

After eliminating various family and friends as the creator of @norisblackbook on Twitter and Instagram, the sisters were equally excited.

“She’s all, and more,” Kim said at a show where she met Franklin. “She created this personality because she started this account before North had a personality. Fortunately, that’s North’s personality.”

Chloe added: “There is a legend in front of me.”

Fans and family used Twitter to overwhelm Franklin’s secret account, which was revealed as the show progressed.

Franklin, who manages state agency websites and internet services, says he got the idea from Sri’s Burnbook, a popular blog still alive on social media commenting on the world from the eyes of Sri Cruise. I did. Franklin was a little sneaky on North when Kim and Daddy Kanye West wore the first born black and hadn’t revealed yet, and Kardashian had a line of children’s clothing on Baby’s R Us I decided to be on the side.

“I told my friend, can you imagine being in the northwest? Do I have to wear this cheap Babies R Us? She should be in Prada, Balenciaga and Chanel!” Franklin said. I did.

She started with Tumblr, but moved as other platforms were developed. Her post, combined with video clips and photos, entertained almost everyone in the Kardashian world, noted Kim’s reputation as a terrible dancer, and dragged Kim’s sister Courtney and Scott Disick. .. “

So what does North think about all of this? She didn’t notice and wasn’t impressed. Kim had her daughter meet Franklin at FaceTime, and she barely looked up from a bowl of ice cream.

“I love the northwest. I feel like I made this little monster, if you like,” Franklin said. “I was very happy to see her live up to all my expectations of not being interested. There is no other way.”

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Kardashians reveal mystery behind Nori’s Black Book Source link Kardashians reveal mystery behind Nori’s Black Book

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