Karren Brady has a long way to go to close the UK wage gap

London — Karren Brady, a business leader and star in the UK’s Apprentice series, told CNBC that the solution to the gender pay gap is “very easy.”

Brady, Baroness and Vice President of the West Ham United Football Club, said there was no magical formula for paying equality.

“The fairies don’t have to come down and scatter dust. The CEO and the board have to work together to pay people something of value and to women who do the same job as men. At the same rate, very much. It’s easy. “

Brady is effectively a partner and keynote speaker at Karren Brady’s Women in Business & Tech Expo, which takes place October 13-14. The event is “for all women at every stage of their career” and aims to provide “inspiration, guidance and business services to find the perfect career match and support your business.” It is said.

Brady told CNBC prior to the event and the UK government’s key deadline for employers to submit gender pay gap information: , And certainly to think about it, and I think it worked. ”

But she feels there is a “long way to go” to fill the gap.

“We have a very long way to go to achieve that. As you can see from the reported gap, for every pound a man makes, a woman makes 86p,” she said. .. “It will take 100 years to fill that gap. In some industries, such as technology and finance, the gap is close to 40%. Therefore, there is a long way to go and we should do it. There are many things. “

A study conducted for the Womenin Business & Tech Expo on how women experienced the Covid-19 pandemic showed that it provided many with the opportunity to “reset”, Brady said. rice field.

“When we asked, many women said that more than 62% wanted a better work-life balance in their careers, and 59% said it was more important to actually achieve that work-life balance. I think I answered yes, rather than their salary, “she said.

“There’s much more an employer can do by thinking about agile work styles rather than flexible work styles,” Brady told CNBC. It’s also about addressing the fact that women need to take vacations. “.

Member of Parliament, Sports Executive, Television Personality, Newspaper Columnist, Writer and Novelist Baroneska Karren Brady will speak at the Pendulum Summit, one of the world’s leading business and self-empowerment summits at the Dublin Convention Center.

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“Many employers were very nervous about people working at home and felt that such a thing was really skiving. People can now work effectively at home, I think you realize that having that flexibility really helps, “she said. Work for a company that doesn’t respect them and pays them what they deserve.

“So I think many of these issues are really considered. Companies have some of these issues if they want to reach out to talented people, with 50% of their workforce being women. I think we need to deal with it, “she continued.

“Take some control”

Brady told CNBC she was always worried about the situation for women.

“I’ve spent my whole life promoting women in business, opening the door to women, and making them aware and understand the value they bring,” she explained, which she explained to the exposition. I explained that it was the reason for the event.

“To really encourage women to think about their opportunities and careers. If you take a break, how do you get back? How do you get promoted? How do you raise your salary? How do you climb the ladder?” She said. I did.

“All of this is really important for women not only to know to participate in the survey, but to actually do something about it. We are our life and career, and I You have to control our direction yourself. Enter. “


As Vice President of the West Ham United Football Club, Brady also commented on recent reports that some players on the English football team refused to receive the Covid-19 vaccine.

Brady said vaccination felt “a very personal decision.”

“I think it’s almost impossible for anyone to claim to be vaccinated, and there may be many reasons why people aren’t vaccinated. Some of them are crazy conspiracies that are too ridiculous to mention. It’s a theory, and some are other real concerns, “she said.

“But I think it’s a personal choice. That is, many players have it and some still have reservations. We are working with them to overcome them. But that’s very important. I think it’s a personal choice. “

Karren Brady has a long way to go to close the UK wage gap

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