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Fresno, California 2021-04-08 21:02:07 –

A little over a year ago, the cast of the new ABC drama “Rebel” was ready to shoot the premiere episode, but the COVID-19 pandemic stopped all production.

But stars Katie Sagal and Andy Garcia, and the rest of the people involved in adding an hour to ABC Prime Time, kept their faith and achieved it.

In addition to those famous faces, one of the executive producers has a famous name-Erin Brockovich.

Her life influenced the “rebels”. Recall that Julia Roberts won the Oscar in 2001 for playing her in a famous movie of the same name.

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Sagal’s character at the show is fictional, but less definitive.

“I kneel the CEO of a multinational corporation,” says her character in the first episode.

She is not a lawyer. She is not a policeman.

“The rebel is very feasible to be a woman in her 60s, and that’s the character she’s doing,” Sagal said. “And it’s really fresh to me, and when I read it, I thought,” That’s right. ” “

The rebels are consumer activists and advocates, and Andy Garcia co-stars as a lawyer, often twisting his arms to take on the battles he wants to fight.

“In most cases, despite being fairly flammable, we can find comfort in each other,” Garcia said.

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The rebels actually tackle Garcia’s character and persuade him to cause a particular incident. This raises the real question of whether Garcia has ever been bothered by taking on a role she didn’t want at first-and it worked.

“This TV show,” he said, before believing his wife had won. “It was like a perfect little storm. Katie, a great writer, I was at home for half a year, so I all attended.”

As the rebels explained in the first show, “I have three different children with three different husbands, so I try not to judge,” so the star is one of the big casts. It is a department.

“It’s a nasty mess,” Sagal said. “It’s a nasty group.”

“Randomness” only makes the “rebel” more compelling.

The new show will air on this ABC station on Thursday night at 10 pm.

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Katey Sagal, Andy Garcia star in messy, compelling new drama ‘Rebel’ on ABC Source link Katey Sagal, Andy Garcia star in messy, compelling new drama ‘Rebel’ on ABC

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