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Fresno, California 2021-04-09 02:26:33 –

Los Angeles-Katey Sagal is a television favorite and has appeared in hundreds of episodes of comedy-drama and anime shows. She adds a powerful new role to her resume, and Andy Garcia joins her to lead the cast of ABC’s “Rebels.”

“Rebel” is inspired by the life of Erin Brockovich, executive producer of this series.

“We don’t have an autobiography of Erin Brockovich, so even if she’s everywhere, yeah, we have enough freedom to find these people in all of them,” Sagal said. I did.

Sagal plays a legal advocate who fights to help those who need it. She does not have a law degree. But the character of Garcia, a longtime friend, does.

“She basically, figuratively, throws things on my desk, do you know? She goes,’here’,” Garcia said.

“He came from the same place, that is, he’s all about justice, and my interpretation is about giving voice to people who don’t have a voice,” Sagal said. “It’s like they’re united. I think she only moves a little faster. She looks like a dog with bones. She’s on top of it so she can’t stop. And it’s great not to be able to flap. A word to her. “

Two long-time actors have discovered that they are the kinship spirit of the set.

“You are looking for someone who is hand in hand on this trip every day, can play with, trustworthy, generous and professional,” Garcia said.

“Rebel” will air on ABC Thursday night.

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Katey Sagal, Andy Garcia star in new ABC drama ‘Rebel’ Source link Katey Sagal, Andy Garcia star in new ABC drama ‘Rebel’

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