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Kathy Hilton revealed her favorite about her daughter Paris Hilton’s memorable wedding earlier this month, and in an exclusive interview with HL gave insight into what her future might include. Gave me.

Kathy Hilton, 62, thinking Paris HiltonA 40-year-old could become a mother less than a year after taking care of her daughter. Dream wedding..Doting mother said she thinks she is a married social celebrity Carter ReumOn November 11th, she made a vow to get pregnant “as soon as possible”. “Probably within the next six months, that is, as soon as possible!” Cathy said exclusively. HollywoodLife When we asked her when she thought she was expecting Paris to appear in the Footwear News Achievement Awards.

Kathy also revealed what was the highlight of the wedding, studded with stars from Paris and Carter, for her. “Believe it or not, yes, I saw her walking down the aisle, but the carnival I wasn’t looking forward to just thought I had to go … it was a lot of fun. “She said. .. “Yeah. Good. Great.”

Paris Hilton and Kathy Hilton pose together at the event. (Sara Jay Weiss / Shutterstock)

Parisian sister and Kathy’s other daughter Nicky HiltonThe 38-year-old also attended the event with his mother and agreed that the carnival was a special weekend highlight, including three different celebrations. “I would definitely say the carnival just to close Santa Monica Pier,” she shared. “I love carnival food and hot dogs on sticks.”

Kathy and Nicky were the only two Many guests It seemed to explode at the wedding in Paris and Carter.Other famous faces of the fun celebration included her aunt Kyle Richards, Kim Kardashian, Paula Abdul, Nicole Richie, more. They were all seen in spectacular photos of the three-night festival, which really looked like a great thing to remember!

Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Nicky Hilton
Paris Hilton, Kathy Hilton, Nicky Hilton at the event. (Chelsea Lauren / Shutterstock)

There were already rumors that she was pregnant with her first child before Paris and Carter got married, which led to many headlines on several media platforms.But she used social media to reveal rumors Was wrong And explained that she would be the one to announce it when it happened.

“I want you to hear me directly,” she wrote in a tweet. “People are always making rumors. At this point, I’m very used to being in the industry as long as I’m. I’m not pregnant yet. I’ll be after the wedding. 2022 I can’t wait to have a baby in the year. “

Kathy Hilton says her daughter Paris will “probably” get pregnant soon – Hollywood Life

Source link Kathy Hilton says her daughter Paris will “probably” get pregnant soon – Hollywood Life

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