Katie Thurston focuses on herself after John Hersey’s split

Katie Thurston Katie Thurston / Instagram Courtesy

Shift her focus. Katie Thurston Ready for the season of self-care After her division From boyfriend John Hersey..

“I dedicate this summer to myself ☀️,” she captioned her own video from 31-year-old Washington. Alum of fellow bachelor’s nation Tammy Lee Sitting side by side on amusement park rides.

Ly commented on the social media upload on Thursday, June 23, “I love us ❤️😍”. Season 23 Bachelor Alum Elyse Dehlborn “This is a magical ❤️,” Thurston replied. “It will show you the best summer ever.”

Katie Thurston shares empowerment message after split 2
Katie Thurston / Instagram Courtesy

The empowering message arrives a few days after the bachelor’s degree in Season 17 Confirmed her farewell From Hershey, who started dating after the shoot she was involved in ABC’s journey.Thurston left single Engaged in BreakmoinsBut the duo Announced their split October 2021 just three months after the finale aired.She confirmed it a few weeks later She went with HersheyWas one of her suitors at the show.

“Statement: No, we’re not together,” Thurston wrote mysteriously through her Instagram story on Monday, June 20th. See her status With a bartender.

Hershey continued to give longer explanations to his followers as part of him. “I love sharing special moments with all of you — funny things. Happy people. Outrageous, embarrassing, and heartfelt people. But sharing sad things is easier than ever. I don’t know if it will be. As Katie mentioned earlier, we are no longer dating, “he wrote in his own Instagram story. “This decision wasn’t made lightly, and obviously it wasn’t an easy decision.”

He concluded that: “Thanks to everyone who supported us through this journey. We couldn’t (and didn’t) be here without you.”

Katie Thurston shares an empowering message after Split 3 John Hersey

John Hersey and Katie Thurston Katie Thurston / Instagram Courtesy

in pairs Made a strong friendship before the sparks flew Among them, and Hershey revealed what he does Keep his original back After splitting. She was protected by a previous flame when Troll disbanded Thurston because she was unable to “catch the man.”

“You will speak a finite number of words throughout your life. Speak more kindly, especially for those you don’t know,” Hershey counterattacked on Tuesday, June 21st. It is not correct for me to imply that Katie is doing something wrong. The internet can be a mean place. Do not add to the internet. “

The relationship between Thurston and Hershey’s whirlwind I raised my eyebrows first Among Bachelor Nation fans after the engagement with Moynes is over. However, season 25 Bachelor Alum She claimed she was never dishonest To the wildlife manager before quitting it.

“The two of us knew that our relationship wouldn’t work,” Thurston said. During an interview with “Off the Vine” Earlier this year. “The relationship with Blake was a very different situation. [from] Relationship with John. There was no duplication. There was nothing but respect. It’s two different situations. “

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Katie Thurston focuses on herself after John Hersey’s split

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