Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom visit Venice with their daughter Daisy

Nothing is better than a family trip in Italy. Ask Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, who found them taking their daughter Daisy Dub to a scenic ride in Venice.

Katy Perry And Orlando Bloom I exchanged Venice Beach for … the actual Venice. Katie (36) and Orlando (44) took their 10-month-old daughter. Daisy dub, By boat through the canals of Venice, Italy on Sunday (June 13th). With travel photos – Click here to see the photo – Daisy wore a pale pink coverall and rode on his father’s lap.The family had another member on this tour through the canal – Katie’s beloved dog nugget, A person sitting on his lap while traveling. Both Katie and Orlando wore matching white T-shirts with the ball cat. This is a fashion option that seems to correspond to the heat of Venice.

When Katie, who rocked her chic beige slacks, took off her hat, she protected her eyes from the sun, staring at the breathtaking sight of Venice. Their water taxi passed the city’s trademark gondola on their way back to the pier in front of the hotel. As they got off the water taxi, Orlando held Daisy in her chest and put a green backpack (perhaps an extra diaper?) On her shoulders.

Katie and Orlando go out with their families on the weekend of Katie’s first Mother’s Day. (O. Gomina / Mega)

It won’t be long for the daisies to roam. Katie and Orlando’s children will be one year old on August 26, 2021. The little girl is growing very fast. It seems that Katie announced her pregnancy with her almost yesterday.Never Worn White“musics video.. Now Daisy is trying to blow out the candles on her first birthday cake, and according to Katie, she’s already growing her first teeth!

“She is crawling, and she has one tooth,” Katie said during May. episode of On air with Ryan Seacrest.. “In fact, it’s like my teeth,” she joked. “The upper teeth have pretty good teeth, but when you actually look at the lower teeth, it’s a little interesting, but I think that’s the character!”

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom at the 2019 Carnival Row premiere. (John Saransan / Shutterstock)

The question now is when Katie and Orlando will get married.Or maybe the question is do you have them already Did you tie a knot?The county music DJ (and Dancing with the Stars Winner). Bobby bones Speaking between him May be interviewed We weekly, It sounded like the wedding had already happened. “I didn’t get the invitation because it was so small,” Bobby said. “I didn’t go to the wedding, and I was jealous, but I understood why.” So, if so – Katie and Orlando haven’t yet confirmed or denied speculation about this marriage. Hmm — Is this Venice trip their honeymoon? Fans have to wait.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom visit Venice with their daughter Daisy

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