KBI investigating death of 17-year-old while in Wichita police custody – Wichita, Kansas

Wichita, Kansas 2021-09-28 22:41:01 –

Sedgwick County, Kansas (KSNW) – The Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI) is investigating a 17-year-old death after being detained by law enforcement.

According to KBI, the law investigates Kansas prisons and all detention deaths that occur in prisons.

KBI was asked by the Sheriff’s Office of Sedgwick County to investigate the death at 10:30 am on Friday, September 24th.

According to preliminary information shared by KBI, around 1 am on September 24, Wichita police officers answered a disturbing call from a resident of Wichita’s 1221 S. Fox Run. Upon arrival, Wichita police say they found Wichita’s 17-year-old Cedric “CJ” Lofton outside the house. Lofton looked delusional and behaved irregularly. Police officers tried to detain Lofton after spending a long time trying to persuade him to voluntarily seek mental health treatment. Lofton resisted by attacking the officer. After a physical struggle, he was arrested for four counts of law enforcement officer’s battery.

According to KBI, Lofton was transferred to the Juvenile Intake Assessment Center (JIAC) in a lap restraint system. This is a device used to prevent subjects from injuring themselves or others. Upon arriving at the facility, the wrap device and handcuffs were removed from Lofton and he was placed in a single holding cell.

KBI states that Lofton was later allowed out of the containment room to use the toilet. When JIAC staff tried to bring him back to the containment room, Lofton assaulted the staff. Several orthodontic staff engaged in a long physical struggle to put him in the containment room and handcuff him. When Lofton was put under control, orthodontic staff was watching him and noticed that he had stopped responding.

KBI states that lifesaving measures have begun in Lofton. EMS responded by transferring him to the Wesley Medical Center, where additional medical intervention was attempted. On September 26, at about 1:55 am, Lofton was sentenced to death.

An autopsy was performed on September 27th. Lofton’s cause of death has been withheld until further investigation and toxicological results are available.

This investigation is ongoing. At this time, KBI will not release any further information.

KBI investigating death of 17-year-old while in Wichita police custody Source link KBI investigating death of 17-year-old while in Wichita police custody

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