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KCFD loses 2 department members to COVID-19 – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2020-11-21 16:43:59 –

Kansas City, Missouri — The Kansas City, Missouri fire department has lost two due to the new coronavirus since March.

Cpt.Robert “Bobby” Rocha, 29-year veteran of the department, died on Saturday, EMT The 12th Man He died in April.

Rocha, 60, is a member of Station 18 and has been with KCFD since 1991. 69-year-old Birmingham 22 years career With KCFD.

KCFD Fire Chief Donna Lake Admitted the death of a line of duty death on Saturday, “It’s a difficult time for all of us.”

Over 100 KCFD firefighters have been tested positive for the virus.

Immediately after the pandemic began, the KCFD crew I started wearing masks and gowns Among other forms of protection, on the medical phone.Those safety measures Unchanged After the death of Birmingham.

However, in the pandemic and the resulting safety protocol, KCFD sought to maintain the tradition of honoring those in the job. As normal as possible..

In Kansas City, Kansas, 72 firefighters were infected with COVID-19, five of whom were hospitalized. As of friday..

Eighteen US and Canadian firefighters died after being infected with COVID-19, and 144 were hospitalized for the virus, according to data from the International Firefighters Association on Saturday.

KCFD loses 2 department members to COVID-19 Source link KCFD loses 2 department members to COVID-19

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