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KCK community marches for ‘Safe and Welcome’ ordinance – Kansas City, Missouri

Kansas City, Missouri 2021-10-15 23:19:33 –

Kansas City, Kansas City — Finding a home, working, or enrolling your child in school can only be done with a state-issued ID card. A coalition of activists wants to ensure that no one is left without that opportunity in Kansas City, Kansas.Safe and welcome.. “

A broad coalition of parts of the KCK community and activist groups marched around the unified government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas on Friday night, calling for leaders to welcome everyone.

“I welcome immigrants in my community. I believe they make the community better and stronger,” said one person who attended the rally.

The safe and welcome ordinance requires that local government IDs be created for everyone, and pros do not want local money to be used to enforce federal immigration.

But police stations in Kansas City, Kansas say they don’t cooperate and don’t cooperate At ICE There is no ability to enforce immigration status.

Marcus Haad says he and his family have recently gone down the street and don’t have an ID.

“The important reason for me is that we need a job, a home without an ID card, a social organization with a birth certificate. We are aliens and we have no connection,” Hard said. Said.

Many of the rallies say they’ve been working on this for nearly five years, but the county has stagnated it.

“It’s very slow,” said Karla Juarez, an advocate of immigrant rights and reconciliation. “We want the committee and the mayor to put it on the agenda, and we want the committee to vote in favor of both parts.”

Two months ago, KCKPD was called by people Free ID card..

However, the coalition states that the program is not as extensive as the Safe and Welcoming proposal, as it does not include undocumented worker IDs.

A unified government spokesperson said they were listening and at the table:

“In addition to our discussions, the Unified Government has been actively working with the safe and welcoming Wyandotte Commission for the past two years to discuss and address many of the issues raised. Is very proud of the rich cultural diversity and inclusive community of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas, and the Commission has stood at the table to address their priorities.

“Our chief attorney has met with the Commission every two weeks for the past six weeks, and more recently until yesterday, to devise a proposed policy language. The Commission has been adopted in other cities in the region. I’ve been asking for a language that isn’t an ordinance, and these discussions take time and compromise. “

But a spokesperson said there wasn’t yet a timeline as to when it could be on the agenda.

KCK community marches for ‘Safe and Welcome’ ordinance Source link KCK community marches for ‘Safe and Welcome’ ordinance

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