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KCK dad’s call for volunteers to patrol schools to reduce violence yields 30 applications | News – Kansas City, Missouri

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Kansas City, Kansas (KCTV) – Almost four weeks ago, after being stabbed at Shraguru High School that day, one father urged one father to take his parents to the hallway with mentors and cautious eyes.

He called for volunteers three weeks ago, and so far 30 people have responded.

“We are moving, we are stirring,” said Joseph Straw, III.

Straws and his wife, Nikol Straws, have two children who recently graduated from Schlagle.

“I’ve heard about other incidents, which were so serious at that point that I think they hit us,” recalls Nikol Straws.

On November 9, students stabbed another student with scissors while waiting in line for a security check at the beginning of school day.

Just a few weeks ago, Joe saw the story of CBS News about Dadson Duty, a group of Louisiana’s fathers patroling the halls to stop the fight. He told Nicole how cool it was, and it was still fresh in his mind when the puncture occurred.

On November 16, he convened a meeting of law enforcement agencies, school officials, and community groups in an attempt to establish a consistent parental presence at school to send messages to children.

“We want to be there for them. We want to talk to them, high five, dubbing, and [when] We look down on them as I help them lift their heads, “said Joseph Straw, III.

As actively involved parents, they also know that many groups and individuals are already teaching. There, Nicole demonstrated his logistics skills.

She created a spreadsheet of all school hours and added when and where existing volunteers were serving.

“We are trying to understand where and where support is needed. We are not just gathering in one school for this one incident,” says Nikol Straws.

“Sometimes many people do the same thing at different levels or with different deliveries,” said Lisa Garcia-Stewart, Director of Student Services, KCKPS.

She appreciates her efforts to add to existing volunteer activities focused on commitment, efficiency and purpose.

“We’re not reinventing the wheel, it’s what we’re trying to do to help the wheel spin a little smoother,” said Nicole Straw.

Joe and Nikol Straws are excited to start next year to see if it makes a difference both at school and outside.

“There are positive people in school meeting students, and when they see them, they can start talking to them like a dispute resolution,” said Joseph Straw, III. “So if you have dads and people who can connect to these schools, they say,’Hey, what’s going on?’ They may be able to eradicate some of these problems in advance. “

Volunteers cannot start right away. Like other volunteers, they need to do a background check first, just as teachers need to do it before they get an education license. Next, you need to have an orientation with the district to ensure that you understand the rules, philosophies, and expectations of the district.

Which school the volunteers will eventually go to depends in part on the content of the Nikol Straws spreadsheet. She is still working with other organizations to complete it to find the one with the highest needs.

Anyone interested in volunteering can email Straws. jstraws3@gmail.com..

KCK dad’s call for volunteers to patrol schools to reduce violence yields 30 applications | News Source link KCK dad’s call for volunteers to patrol schools to reduce violence yields 30 applications | News

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