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Kayla Sesrel was surprised when she received an unexpected call during the September 14th episode of “Teen Mama: Young & Pregnant.”

Kayla Sesrel Covered more dramas, including her ex, Stephen Alexander, During the September 14th episode Teen mom: young and pregnant.. After Stephan unexpectedly sent his son Isaia Last week’s birthday gift, His mom decided to take things one step further by reaching out to Keila, hoping to reunite her father and son duo. But to be honest, Keila said she wanted to keep Stefan in the past and he wanted to stop contacting her.But Keila’s boyfriend Luke I felt she borrowed it from Stephan’s mom to hear her story.So Keila agreed to meet AnnetteBut it was because of the closure above all else. And I hadn’t seen their social gathering yet, but I saw Keila arrive at the cafe, where she and Annette entered the majors. Teased brawl Before the premiere of this season.

Meanwhile, the call from AffairDad in jail triggered Kiaya Elliott Consider making compensation in the end X’zayveonmother, Carla.. She was hesitant at first, but as Amur’s dad took a while to put us in jail, Kiaya felt she had no choice but to meet Carla and hash things. for now.

later, Madisen Bees Proven Christian When she drove a car and boldly called a cop to her family after she packed all his belongings in a trash bag, filled the bag with glitter, and threw it into his driveway, they finished everything once. I did. You’re very mature, right?

How about Rachel -Well, she’s been so frustrated with her mom lately that she came up with the idea of ​​moving with her sister. Mallory.. Her mom told her that it was the “stupidest” thing she ever wanted to do, but Rachel disagreed. So she started looking for an apartment and literally found a two-bedroom location for her and Mallory for $ 525 a month. But Rachel and Mallory instead talked about coloring their hair instead because they thought it was too expensive for them (yes, really).

finally, Brianna Jaramiro I made sure that the mother knew she was an adult, even though she didn’t behave like an adult.

Do you want more drama?New episode Teen mom: young and pregnant It will air on MTV on Tuesday at 9 pm.

Keira Sesrel hears from Stephan’s mom – Hollywood Life

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