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The boy was seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Eleven-year-old Kenny Titchenal was hit by a car on his way home on a bicycle in Keizer, a suburb of Salem. His mother said the helmet saved his life. (Courtesy: JANE TITCHENAL)

KOIN, Oregon — Jane Titchenal noticed something was wrong when her son wasn’t answering the phone and saw his bike gone at home.

28-year-old Titchenal went looking for his son and saw police lights at the intersection of Lockhaven Drive Northeast and Klicitat Drive Northeast in Keizer, a suburb of Salem.

“I knew a little that Kenny was part of that,” Titchenal said.

Her son, 11-year-old Kenny Titchenal, was riding a bicycle around 5 pm on Monday, November 15th, when a car hit him on his way home. , Scapula fracture, tooth fracture, internal bleeding.

Kenny Tichenal sits next to her mother Jane Tichenal in the hospital after being hit by a car while riding a bicycle on her way home. His mother said there was a few months of recovery before him, but I’m glad that the helmet saved his life. (Provided by: JANE AND STACEY TITCHENAL)

His mother said he was only alive because he was wearing a helmet.

“A family friend noticed that he needed to wear a helmet and was keen to remind him to do it, so he called out,” recalled Titchenal. “After all, as a member of the community, it’s important to remind others of the safety of your bike.”

She added that it is important to remember this message as the sunlight is limited and the days are shorter.

Lieutenant Trevor Wenning, Kaiser Police StationIt is recommended that bikers wear reflective clothing and pendant lights to avoid earphones and to be aware of their surroundings.

According to the KPD, the traffic team is still investigating the crash, but confirmed that the driver stayed on the scene and cooperated with the authorities.

According to Titchenal, his son is now recovering at home and will heal in the coming months. The 11-year-old child receives multiple follow-up visits by physiotherapy and a doctor.

In the accident behind it, the Kaiser Police Association also looked forward to giving Kenny a new bike.

Kenny Titchenal receives a bicycle from the Keizer Police Association. The association gave him a bicycle after an 11-year-old child was attacked by a car going home by bicycle. (Provided by: JANE AND STACEY TITCHENAL)

Titchenal said he was grateful for the support of the community as a single parent.

“It was overwhelming to see the amount of love and support for Kenny. I was a teenage mom and grew up in this community,” she said. “Kenny and I were always okay. We always made it. We have always understood it. Our community has everything we need. We’ve always been around us to make sure. “

Titchenal’s close friends and family GoFundMe To help her son’s hospital invoice.

People can also follow Kenny’s recovery process here.

Keizer boy hit by car: ‘A helmet saved his life’ Source link Keizer boy hit by car: ‘A helmet saved his life’

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