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Keizer, Oregon –

Does anyone remember where they were when the terrorists crashed in New York City, Arlington, Virginia, and Shanksville, Pennsylvania on Tuesday, September 11, 2001?

I’m shocked again when the plane crashes into the tower of the World Trade Center and revisits the video of two buildings collapsing on the streets of Lower Manhattan in Manhattan. Then the Americans were collectively angry and scared. Then we were all brothers and sisters, sharing common sorrows. Immediately, the stranger was like a family. The family is approaching.

Among the many changes caused by the September 11 terrorist attacks, many felt that America had improved internally. We were brothers’ guardians. No one was a stranger. We were alone. We were Operation America Strong.

The country was once again knocked by Aquilter in the COVID-19 pandemic. The bond between our brothers is after September. In November 2001, masks and vaccines broke the line and frayed as politics defeated science. The country split politically and culturally long before COVID, but pandemics make that split more personal.

Whether in the red or blue states, whether or not they have a mask obligation, we are Americans and have much more in common. Everyone wears trousers on one leg at a time. We all love children and families. We are loyal to our friends. Everyone wants to be safe and secure. These are similarities that we should accept and celebrate.

The 9-11 horrors have lived in Pichet in our country for decades. Also, the unity that the tragedy brought to every corner of the country on that day should be remembered, nurtured and preserved.

National leaders once said that foreign or domestic enemies could never beat the United States. It could only be done by ourselves. America is not defeated. It was knocked down, but the winner is the one who stands up to fight another day.

Americans aren’t ready to fold in the long run. — LAZ

America is still strong | Keizertimes Source link America is still strong | Keizertimes

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