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Terri Schlichenmeyer has left a book review of “To Boldly Grow: Finding Joy, Adventure, and Dinner in YourOwnBackyard” by Tamar Haspel.

You have a lot on your plate.

How, at school with kids, go back to normal, tired socializing, pay invoices and cools, and the prices of those foods! You’re probably wondering if it’s that diet time you’ve been saying to continue, or if it’s an old-fashioned recipe from your great-grandmother. Or maybe you should read Tamar Haspel’s “To Boldly Grow” and eat near your house.

Immediately after Tamer Haspel married her husband Kevin, he told her she wanted to plant a garden on the roof of an apartment in Manhattan. For weeks, they scraped soil and colorful containers into the sky and ate the best tomatoes Haspel had ever tasted that summer.

As a result, when they bought a house and two acres at Cape Cod after a while, they both knew that gardening was certain. In fact, Haspel wants to eat “direct food”, a supper that he didn’t buy at the store, every day for a year.

Immediately there was a learning curve. They needed to know what kind of soil they had in order to know what they could grow. Neighbors helped with that information and taught Haspel about the cold frames often needed in New England gardens. This satisfied her for a while until she learned about perennial vegetables, but it wasn’t always satisfactory. The couple thought of becoming organic, but the insects won the battle until the chickens arrived at the small farm. Eggs were the perfect direct food. Later, chickens will, but not until after the painful trial and error in fencing.

Haspel learned to trust ice, love fishing, and accept the joy of “fishing it in front”. The couple learned to catch red shrimp, grow old log mushrooms, make their own sea salt, and forage in nearby areas with a high level of awareness of what is not safe to eat. They bought some turkeys and started hunting venison.

And they made their own outdoor oven. “There is a deep-seated satisfaction in taking the food we harvest, cooking it in the oven we made, and giving it to our loved ones.”

“To Boldly Grow” definitely comes to mind as an adventurous book. After all, embarking on a new attempt is not always for the weak. Even if those efforts are as quiet as digging and fishing.

Think of it as a casual reading. The writer Tamer Haspel mixes her inner Indiana Jones in the Garden with a sense of humor. Among them are a lot of nifty self-libs and attractive openness. A heart to try new things. But that’s not all. This book is serious and has many pages full of useful advice. It’s very interesting information for beginners who aren’t confident in raising their weaknesses, or for readers who didn’t expect to be able to buy groceries a few feet away from the back deck.

Whether the tomatoes are starting to bloom or the seedlings are patiently waiting inside, this is a fun way to spend time before harvesting everything. Find “To Boldly Grow” and put something different on the plate.

“Grow Bold: Find Joy, Adventure, and Supper in Your Backyard” Tamar Haspel

c.2022, Putnam $ 26.00272 page

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