Keizer, Oregon – Council meeting: Day apologizes for conduct, new officer sworn in

Keizer, Oregon –

Kaiser City Councilor Ross Day apologized for his actions at the special session meeting on September 27 at the meeting on October 4. At the meeting, Day continued to criticize city officials for handling the search for the new mayor.

Councilor Rossday (left) and Councilor Kyle Julan during the Kaiser City Council meeting on September 7. (KEIZER TIMES)

Councilor Rossday launched the public comments section of the Kaiser City Council meeting on Monday by apologizing to citizens, city officials, and the city council for his actions at last week’s special session meeting. Mr Dey said at the meeting that he maintained “very high standards” and “well below that standard.”

In a special session last week, city council members met Gary Milliman of Prosman for the first time to discuss the search for a new mayor.

Day has constantly criticized city officials for hiring Prosman in a selection process that he previously described as “crude work” and “embarrassing.”

Discussions before and after the council meeting surrounding the mayor’s search caused delays in the search and meeting, which Councilor Laura Reed described as “dysfunctional.”

The day’s criticism of city officials continued at a meeting on September 27, when he discovered that the mayor had sent a profile of an ideal candidate for mayor to Prosman without first consulting with a councilor.

“This process was just done … It’s very terrible. And this is just one example. It’s just another example,” Day said.

Hair replied that the profile submitted was “basically a placeholder.” Hair continued that the follow-up memo sent on the day specifically stated: “Each councilor has the opportunity to express some of the most important attributes of the mayor for them. For example, Council Day says he does not want to limit candidates to those with an executive branch. I did.

“I don’t know how to respond more clearly. I’m not trying to direct, I don’t care what you want. It’s your choice, not mine. “Hare said.

At a meeting on October 4, Day said he did not mean “contempt”, he was wrong and could only “promise to be better in the future.”

Day said he met Halle and apologized for his actions.

Mayor Kathy Clark and Councilor Roland Elera each thanked Day for his apology. The rabbit wasn’t attending the meeting.

Newly hired Kaiser police officer Nate Smith also vowed to be appointed by city lawyer Shannon Johnson at the meeting. Smith has been on the board for five and a half years, most recently at the Woodburn Police Station. Smith was officially hired by Kaiser police on September 13.

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Council meeting: Day apologizes for conduct, new officer sworn in Source link Council meeting: Day apologizes for conduct, new officer sworn in

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