Keizer, Oregon – Keizer in limbo as redistricting begins

Keizer, Oregon –

Oregon Legislatures released the first version of the subdivision map on September 3, and are now required to submit the completed map by September 27. The first map shows Kaiser’s political representation at the state level, and there will be significant changes in Congress over the next decade.

The next decade of Kaiser’s political representative is out of balance as the constituency change officially began last week.

For the first time since 2010, state legislators are trying to redraw the state’s district map. Released their first attempt This year’s constituency change will play an even more important role as Oregon is one of six states to win at least one parliamentary seat.

“This is the most important issue in 2021. From a political point of view,” said Billpost State Assembly member, who includes Kaiser in District 25. “It will affect the future of the next decade, perhaps 20 years.”

Every 10 years, 60 House districts and 30 Senate districts in Oregon are repainted, ensuring that their populations are about the same in a process called repartitioning.

The constituency change committee consists of three House Democrats and three House Republicans. Each group must submit its own map of the House, Senate, and Parliamentary districts during the September 3 meeting, and a completed map by September 27.

“These maps are not final. None of them are, and to incorporate the opinions of the general public in order to improve and secure a fair representation of the final map to vote later this month. We will use it, “said Andrea Salinas, Congressman of D-Lake Oswego, in September. .. Three committee meetings where the map was released.

Oregon will win a seat in the US House of Representatives after a 2020 census reveals a 10.6% population increase from 2010. Each of the two proposed parliamentary maps will move Kaiser from the 5th Congressional District to the new 6th Congressional District.

According to the Republican plan, District 6 will include all of Crackamas, most of Marion County, making it a much more competitive district for the Republicans. According to the data website FiveThirtyEight..

The other five districts, based on the Republican proposal, include two pro-Democratic districts, one pro-Republican district, and two other highly competitive districts.

According to Post, the current map of Oregon’s Democrats with a 4: 1 advantage in parliament is not representative of Oregon. He pointed out the fact that Governor Kate Brown received only 50.1% of the votes in the 2018 elections.

“It looks different on paper, but we’re in a 50-50 state, so I think the parliamentary district should reflect that in about 50-50,” the post said. “I know it’s unrealistic, but I think four or two seats (parliamentary seats) are probably more representative of Oregon.”

Democratic proposal, According to FiveThirtyEight, Will move the state further to the left. The proposal includes five Democratic seats, one Republican seat, and eliminates two highly competitive seats.

District 6, including Kaiser, incorporates parts of the five counties and is devoted to democracy.

Both proposals will affect Kurt Schrader, a member of the 5th Parliamentary District, and Republican Amy Ryan Kosler, who challenged Schrader in the last election and announced that he would run for the 2022 midterm elections. ..

The road to victory would be difficult for Schroeder under the Republican proposal and difficult for Courser under the Democratic proposal.

“That would be interesting,” Schroeder said when asked about repartitioning in an interview on August 27. Kaiser Times.. “That is, my slightly older political career can be out of balance, so it’s not just potentially interesting.”

Courser said in so many unknowns, she’s not worried about where she’s running or who she’s running against.

“There are more maps out there. The difficulty is that you can’t get too excited about the example until they make the final decision. Well, when they make the final decision, I’m ready to run. “I’m doing it,” Cosler said, adding that at this point she is preparing to play against Schroeder.

If a member is unable to hand over a new map of Parliament by September 27, liability will be placed in the judicial court. However, Kosler believes that Democrats and Republicans can reach an agreement.

“I believe it will work, not necessarily for one party, but for people to have a better representative,” Courser said. “And that’s what we lacked in my opinion.”

The proposed state legislature map also included dramatic changes to Kaiser’s Home District 25 and Senate District 13.

According to Post, the 25th District of the House of Representatives he represents is likely not to include St. Paul and Newberg. He said it was important for Kaiser residents to go to hearings to inform mapmakers of the cities they felt needed to connect with Kaiser.

The hearing encourages the general public to provide feedback on the map and is divided based on the parliamentary district. In the Fifth Parliamentary District, the first hearing will be held on September 9th and the second hearing will be held on September 13th at 8:00 am.

Readers can find suggested maps and repartition schedules at

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Keizer in limbo as redistricting begins Source link Keizer in limbo as redistricting begins

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