Keizer, Oregon – Mayor holds annual prayer breakfast at city hall

Keizer, Oregon –

The catering event at the City Hall benefited from 12 guest speakers and music.

2022 mayor class prayer breakfast speaker. Back row, left to right: Rev. Boris Alfaro of Communitydad Christiana Renuvo, Paco Rosas of Servicemaster, Dan Kohler of city council, Tim Davis of Rec and Valor Mentoring, Jim Lyman (retired) of Oregon National Guard, Rabbi Avrohom Perlstein Salem of Chabad, Jason Lewis of Lewis Media Group , Jonathan Thompson of Northwest Dental Arts. Front row, left to right: Randy Mooney (representing Kaiser United’s wife Meredith), Sheva Dawn, Mayor Kathy Clark, Dee Pigsley of the Siletz Indian Union tribe, and Satya Chadragiri, director of Salem Kaiser. Doctoral Public School District. (Charles Glenn / Kaiser Times)

To commemorate May 5th National Prayer Day, 12 guest speakers headlined the 24th Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast at the City Hall. Musical inspiration was provided by the local artist Sheba Dawn, and the event was provided by elegant catering.

Mayor Kathy Clark launched the service by comparing Kaiser’s growth as a community with deep-rooted plants.

“We are rooted in our community, our family, and the love of God that supports us,” she said.

The annual breakfast was attended by religious and civilian leaders from all over the region, including evangelical ministers, city council members, tribal leaders, and rabbis.

The event ended with Shebadoon’s music playing a simplified version of a popular Christian song based on the Book of Numbers of the Bible as a benediction.

Local artist Sheva Dawn performed a blessing by Chris Brown, Steve Flick, Cody Kerns and Cary Brook Job. (Charles Glenn / Kaiser Times)

Mayor holds annual prayer breakfast at city hall Source link Mayor holds annual prayer breakfast at city hall

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