Keizer, Oregon – Meet the Class of 2022: Oliver Marche

Keizer, Oregon –

Participation in the CTEC program

“When I look back on my time at school, I immediately remember my time at CTEC. 100 percent,” said Oliver Marche, who graduated from Sprague High School in 2022. “I’m thinking about how welcomed all my classmates, and even the staff here.”

Oliver graduated from Sprague High School in 2022, but while in high school, Oliver also had the opportunity to become a leader in law enforcement programs. Career and Technology Education Center.

His love for the program did not begin with his lifelong dream of becoming a law enforcement officer. Oliver initially turned to CTEC’s homebuilding program, but after riding with a local agency, he found it to be the best fit for his future.

“It’s very special to me to be there for people on the worst days and be that person who can help them,” Marche said. “CTEC has taught me exactly how to do it, how to be there for people. But it’s also a law enforcement agency and what it’s like to gain real experience.”

Leave a legacy

Students attend CTEC only during grades 3 and 4, but student relationships and impacts often leave a lasting impression on school staff and students throughout the program.

Donna Duval, an English teacher in the law enforcement program, had the opportunity to see Oliver’s influence first-hand, including how she worked to improve the experience of others, as well as her own learning.

“Oliver is like thinking about everyone else before him,” Duval said.

Oliver took the lead in leading the program through training in outward thinking through the Irvinger Institute, which was born out of his desire to learn more about himself.

“It happened to me when he was trained, this was already who he was. He’s a really great kid.”

Future plans

While at CTEC, Oliver has always appreciated and understood the immense importance of networking. Although he participated in law enforcement programs, Oliver consistently met with industry experts from all disciplines and sought to learn as much as possible.

In the future, Oliver hopes to join the academy and become a law enforcement officer here in Salem. But until he’s 21 years old, Oliver plans to pursue a full-time career as an electrician.

“I feel like I’ve been able to embark on a variety of career paths through CTEC and other industry experts. There are too many opportunities to ignore here in Salem,” Oliver said.

“I told my graduated seniors that it was a real honor to be their teacher,” Duval said. “Students who participated in our law enforcement program were very resilient and passionate about doing everything. What they have experienced and how they can overcome something in the future. I hope you don’t forget. ”

Meet the Class of 2022: Oliver Marche Source link Meet the Class of 2022: Oliver Marche

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