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TJ Reed leaves his review of Moon Knight.

As the late Stan Lee says, choosing to watch a movie or TV show based on the characteristics of a comic book can be a daunting task these days. Marvel Studios’ latest theatrical release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, If my calculation is correct, there are 4 or more entries in the larger MCU series that are most likely to need to be monitored before looking at it. Shared universes are fun for those who attend them on the ground floor, but sometimes investing in something a little more self-contained can be a good break. Moon knightThe latest Disney + original miniseries set in the MCU is one such adventure, and this lack of luggage is one of many factors that has made it one of the best ever.

No need to do homework before jumping in Moon knight.. In fact, you don’t have to be a fan of the superhero genre at all (although it certainly helps, especially in the final episode showing a much easier superhero climax). Driven by Oscar Isaac’s stunning performance as a gift shop attendant with a very emotional problem, he was promoted. He found himself confused with evil cults, violent Specters, and Egyptian gods. Moon knight Is an action fantasy adventure and is often unsatisfied with staying within the fare of a typical superhero. Things quickly become trippy and the series occasionally immerses themselves in a straight horror territory. This is the first area of ​​the MCU (or the second area, depending on whether you see it or not. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness first time). The images and camerawork are of particular interest, and the appearance of the show is due to the director. This is less common in studios that usually prefer to mass produce content through figurative assembly lines. Another bright spot is the exciting, memorable, and wonderfully mysterious soundtrack.

Special effects may not be fully measured to the high standards set by these successes. Marvel Studios claims that movie-level budgets set Disney +’s original miniseries apart from other miniseries, but if this is true, this money is clearly consistent. Spent in no way. Moon knight CGI sometimes looks stupid and weird (although for fairness, it can be difficult to portray in a non-stupid way from the beginning). Some episodes in the middle of the series aren’t as good as others. These two entries are also the simplest and most traditional (along with the finale mentioned above). Moon knight It’s best when you’re doing your own thing, rather than appealing to The Mummy or Indiana Jones. The series can be quite dark as well as the subject. Sometimes I had a hard time figuring out exactly what was happening on the screen.

Even with these drawbacks, Moon Knight So far, it’s my favorite in the Disney + MCU series.The only other close thing in my quote is just as strange WandavisionThis shows that sometimes breaking the mold can be very beneficial, even if the mold has been proven to be successful many times.

All 6 episodes of Moon knight Now available on Disney Plus.

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