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Keizer, Oregon –

TJ Reed has left a review on Netflix’s “This is a robbery: the world’s largest art theft.”

One of the things I always appreciate about streaming services is to give film and TV makers an unprecedented level of creative control that isn’t possible with more “traditional” means. .. Without external pressure such as rigorous evaluation guidelines, the need to attract advertisers, and time constraints, platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime allow artists to refine their vision from rough sketches to authentic ones. You may be able to do it. Mural.

However, loose restrictions can also be a disadvantage. Some authors don’t seem to understand that less may be more. I often find this to be the case among the most unlikely entertainers, documentaries. This is a robbery: the world’s largest art theft, It’s one such documentary that may have benefited greatly from solid studio control. There are many good things, from the visuals to the whole story, but it was too long to get attention because there were too many unnecessary tangents.

visually, This is a robbery Make all the correct notes for me. The reenactment is modest and narrated, so instead of trying to tell the story yourself, the still shots of the aftermath of the crime are fascinating and there’s always something great to see. This story was intriguing to me because I had never heard of the 1990 robbery at the Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum in Boston. Includes a huge cast of interesting real-life characters, from Stoner guards to museum curators to mobs. I was also a fan of music, but I’m sure it was too big and uncomfortable once or twice. We have all the works that are suitable for a wonderful documentary.

However, just because you have the option to have a documentary of 4 hours does not mean that you need to have a documentary of 4 hours. Thankfully, the 4-hour episode format is a break from Netflix’s usual 6-hour episode structure. This is a robbery It doesn’t drag as much as other recent products from this particular service. This is great. But still drag, especially if the show begins to focus on mobs (including many major suspects) and not on the nominal crime itself. Some of Talking Heads felt completely unnecessary, so creators also seemed to feel the need to interview everyone who could point the camera. The documentary constantly repeats the idea, as if the audience were made up of especially forgotten goldfish. Needless to say, in this case it would have been less.

At the end of the day This is a robbery It’s still a very interesting and talented documentary. It also only crossed the thin line between being thorough and being a little over-bloated for its own benefit. After all, if you forgive me for puns, I don’t feel like my time has been stolen.

This is a robbery: the world’s largest art theft Now available on Netflix.

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