Keizer, Oregon – Police calls Sept. 5 – Sept. 12

Keizer, Oregon –

September 5th (Sun)

3:45 am-Arrested for drunk driving in 3000 blocks northeast of Saranger Lane.

10:01 am-10th Avenue NE car theft at 5000 blocks.

5:02 pm-Escape from police officers at the intersection of Chemawa Road NE and Keeser Station Boulevard NE.

8:17 pm-Shoplifting at 6000 blocks of Keizer Station Boulevard NE.

September 6th (Monday)

1:14 am-Drunk driving at 4000 blocks on River Road N.

6am-Car theft on 1000 blocks of Allendale WayNE.

12:25 pm-Destruction at the intersection of Tepper Lane NE and Keizer Station Boulevard NE.

4 pm-Theft of auto parts in 1000 blocks of Shady Lane NE.

Tuesday, September 7

8am-Service theft at 4000 blocks on Cherry Avenue NE.

10am-Assault on Shady Court NE’s 3000 blocks.

6 pm-Validation at 1000 blocks of Laures Street NE.

7:37 pm-Prank of a criminal in 1000 blocks northeast of Lucinda Avenue.

September 8th (Wednesday)

10:55 am-Theft at 5000 blocks on River Road N.

6:30 pm-UlaliDriveNE stolen at 6000 blocks.

11:55 pm-Clearviewer Arrested for assault at the intersection of Venue NE and Homestead Court NE.

Thursday, September 9

7:04 am-Car theft at 1000 blocks of Kinglet Way NE.

8:51 am-Assault on 500 blocks of Chemawa Road N.

8:24 pm-Assault on Plymouth Drive NE 600 blocks.

10 pm-Robbery at 3000 blocks on Northeast Cherry Avenue.

Friday, September 10

7am-Bicycle theft at 5000 blocks on Queen’s Avenue NE.

1:36 pm-Criminal trespassing on 5000 blocks of Bandy Avenue N.

7:06 pm-Kinglet Way NE stolen from car in 2000 blocks.

Saturday, September 11

2:33 pm-Sudden death at 7000 blocks on Catherine Street NE.

6:29 pm-10th Domestic violence at the intersection of Avenue NE and Chemawa Road NE.

8:29 pm-Drunk driving at the intersection of River Road North and Manzanita Street North East.

11:00 pm-Dorcus Drive N vandalism in 300 blocks.

September 12 (Sun)

3:23 am-Drunk driving at the intersection of Rock Haven Drive NE and Badalene NE.

Police calls Sept. 5 – Sept. 12 Source link Police calls Sept. 5 – Sept. 12

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