Keizer, Oregon – Red Notice makes for a serviceable popcorn movie

Keizer, Oregon –

TJ Lead leaves his review of Netflix’s red notice.

There used to be a young algorithm named Albert who lived in the magical land of Tinseltown. Albert’s algorithm had only one dream in his life. It’s a dream he hugged and cherished, even when other algorithms looked down on him and ridiculed him. EW The “Top 10 Hottest Stars in Hollywood” list he found on the local Rite Aid checkout aisle. The studio approached by Albert ridiculed him and grinned. One day, a benevolent streaming giant who offered $ 200 million to make his dream come true finally recognized his value.

This is not the story behind Netflix Red Notice, But it could have worked very well.

Ryan Reynolds starred as an art thief man trying to steal a golden egg. Dwayne Johnson also starred as an FBI man who wanted to prevent Ryan Reynolds from stealing golden eggs. They eventually need to team up with Gal Gadot, who also starred as another thief trying to steal the golden egg stuff. Bunters and actions follow.

One of the problems is that none of these three actors are particularly well known in actual acting. Do I like all three of them? Yes. Do they all have a high level of obscene charisma and charm? Also, yes. But the biggest selling point of your movie is “Ryan Reynolds behaves like Dwayne Johnson in the direction of Dwayne Johnson, Gal Gadot looks attractive in a red dress.” If so, there may be a problem. You don’t feel like you’re looking at a real character. Red NoticeIt monitors essentially brainstorming sessions of cynical Netflix executives, like Albert, who have only one goal of leveraging elements that worked well in the past to increase additional views and subscribers. It reminds me of that.

Of course, acting is not everything. Red Notice It is fully maintainable. The plots are actually stupid and stupid as I explained above, but not as much as other stupid and stupid action movies that turn your brain off and put your hands in a bucket of popcorn. I know … they were written by Albert’s friends). Actions range from decent to pretty cool, but nothing special (the climate’s underground tracking scene clearly stands out), and the Ryan Reynolds-provided Quip has a 70% chance of landing. (The other 30% may captivate you, but their compulsory unfriendlyness and general immaturity). Sure, there are worse buddy / action movies out there, but there are many better ones. Life is finite and everything, so it’s probably better to look for one of the latter.

Or you can see Red Notice Netflix supports Albert in his algorithm career. Do it for him. For Albert.

Red Notice Now available on Netflix.

Red Notice makes for a serviceable popcorn movie Source link Red Notice makes for a serviceable popcorn movie

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