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Keizer, Oregon –

For a series that regularly takes you to distant galaxies, it’s crazy Star Wars Far closer, I have never traveled to the same mysterious land of Japan.input Star Wars: Vision, A new anthology series composed of shorts created by some of the most famous anime studios in the Eastern Hemisphere (or anyway, the official tagline tells me … I’m a big consumer of this genre I don’t know because I’m not a person). The Jedi is a space samurai with a laser sword instead of a sword and a mysterious power instead of a mysterious power, so the crossover is that the Mandalorian bounty hunter goes down Sirrac’s throat. It should have gone down as smoothly. And it works most of the time for all anthologies to work, vision Certainly the mix also has some stench.

The nine-episode animations range from fairly realistic (animations are more realistic than ever) to almost painfully colorful and goofy, with each style appropriate for the story being told. Matches. There are all the metaphors of the anime, from suspicious physics (Star Wars wasn’t good from the beginning) to quirky, impractical and amazing weapons like the first episode that can only be described as a spinning lightsaber umbrella. .. Stories range from pretty cool to painfully bland, and some take far more out of the vast amount of storytelling potential the universe has to offer (especially). For episodes about rock bands, you changed a word or two in the script). And while some episodes are aimed at older fans like me, others are clearly written with children in mind, but they are by no means “adult-adult”. Star Wars: Vision Is a series to watch and watch with kids if they are sci-fi / fantasy geeks growing fast (otherwise they are raising kids wrong).

One of the conversations that has always existed between Western anime watchers is whether to watch the series in the original Japanese with English subtitles or dubbed it with an English voice actor. I chose the latter because the latter was the default, and I had trouble pressing one or two buttons to turn it into the former. The English cast is a star and includes celebrities such as Neil Patrick Harris, Alison Brie, George Takei, Lucy Liu, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Simu Liu. Sometimes it’s awkward to Western sensibilities, as in the case of Harris and Bree (although some anime may be over-explained, so I’ll allow it). Star Wars: The vision is created and clearly shown with a lot of affection.

Only 9 episodes that change from 15 minutes to 30 minutes vision A quick and easy watch. Also, if you don’t like one episode, move on to the next episode. What do you need to lose?

Star Wars: Vision (Season 1, maybe?) Is now fully available at Disney +.

Star Wars: Visions offers unique take on franchise Source link Star Wars: Visions offers unique take on franchise

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