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Keizer, Oregon –

Next Wednesday, June 9th, 2021 McNary High School classes will receive a diploma at Volcano’s Stadium. Hundreds of students have completed primary education. Many will receive higher education at the university of their choice, while others choose to serve in the military or join the workforce directly.

What are our obligations to those who have reached their final semester in front of their home computer screen and refrained from extracurricular activities that complement their classroom learning? Those who graduate are survivors and they are social. With the rest of the life, it reversed life. The characteristic of young people is resilience. Our young people can shake off and keep moving forward even if they are hit. But we have a duty to make them feel their emotions. Adults are not the only ones who have been struck by depression and loneliness over the past year.

Once the safety protocol puts the pandemic under control, we can all start thinking about what will happen next. Graduates are waiting for a life they can do on their own. The following steps are often set: College life, like everything else, will change even more for today’s high school graduates than in the last few years. Different doesn’t have to mean bad, it just means different. It’s hard to mourn what you haven’t experienced. Classes in 2021 will change their high school life in a unique way. We have a duty to accept their journey and help them blend into the world.

We have a duty to recognize what they have experienced as young people, thanks to the 2021 class. After experiencing a global pandemic, street turmoil and riots, things get easier.

Next week’s graduation ceremony will be more festive than usual for students and their families. From the depths of despair caused by the coronavirus a year ago, hundreds of students will receive diplomas with a sense of survival and accomplishment. The word “You did it!” The spiciness will increase. They did it for sure. They did it in distance education. They did it without any athletic or artistic events.

The 2021 class ended in a way no one thought of. Some may have stumbled along the way, but none of the school leaders intended to leave them behind. Evidence of its success will take place next Wednesday at Volcano’s Stadium.

What are the obligations of the 2021 class? Start with a heartfelt celebration and continue to love and support as they create their world.

(Lyndon Zaitz is the publisher of Keizertimes.)

What we owe the Class of ’21 Source link What we owe the Class of ’21

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