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Keizer, Oregon –

Alumni will mark the end of this foot through your educational journey when you are handed a diploma.

Those who graduate from high school this week will continue to educate in college, or others will quit further education and join the workforce or the military. Young adults graduating from college this spring, whether in graduate school or starting a career in their chosen field, may have the next step in mind.

No matter what school you graduate from, it’s important to know that you are not alone.

You are not alone, as millions of other people of your age have shared the same thing over the last 15 months. Like the Greatest Generation, you and your peers have shared experiences that have changed you for the rest of your life. Similar experiences encourage empathy. This is a characteristic that is currently in short supply in our world.

You are not alone; your loved ones, friends and mentors are betting on your success. No one wants to get in your way. There are always hands ready to help you climb the next rung of life. Don’t hesitate to ask for help.

Use the knowledge and wisdom of those who have gone before you. There is little more effective for a person than when you ask them to share what they know. With the people who have your back, the world is far less uncertain and scary.

Listen to the people you want to succeed. They are also where you were when you graduated. They too have lived in a pandemic that overturned our lifestyle.

you are not alone. We all need each other as we go through the live step by step. This completes one step. Let others help you in the next step and all the steps that follow.

If we have the courage to reach out and hold a helping hand, then none of us are alone.


You are not alone | Keizertimes Source link You are not alone | Keizertimes

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