Kellyanne Conway is aiming for Banon in the book, but hits an ongoing Trump | Kellyanne Conway

In her new memoir, Kellyanne Conway Relentlessly abusing Steve Bannon, calling the former White House strategist “airship leak” and more interested in his own image than serving Donald Trump, “paternityless, paternalistic” I called him a fool.

But in doing so, a former senior counselor of the former US president criticizes Trump himself, or a notable fugitive from her book.

“One of Trump’s biggest selling points,” Conway wrote in one of Banon’s many takedowns, “It was his lack of refreshing political experience. But behind the scenes of that quality is personnel affairs. It was his occasional blind spot in terms of decisions and political support. “

Trump’s support is the focus of intense attention.His candidate for governor, David Perdue, appears destined to be defeated in the Georgia primary on Tuesday, but Senate candidate Herschel Walker is widely accepted. Not suitable for the role..

Conway continues: “[Trump] In many cases, he over-trusted others who lacked transparency and talent, and was skeptical enough of those who were pushing the wrong people as candidates for public office or as colleagues in the administration. I won some of those discussions and lost some. “

Conway’s book, Here’s the Deal, has been controversial since last week’s excerpt was reported. It will be released in the United States on Tuesday.

The Republican operatives in New Jersey were the first women to control the victorious presidential campaign and were relatively rare senior officials who lasted four years in the chaotic Trump White House.

Her avoidance of criticizing Trump is widely reported. Her criticism of her Trump’s son-in-law and her chief adviser Jared Kushner, and her husband George Conway’s open contempt for Trump put her in tension on her marriage. Versions are also widely discussed.

She accuses others of the Trump White House of consistently leaking to the media.

“As a frequent guest of mixed politics, I was much more transparent and more modest in trading than the leaking Banon airship was floating. Outside the White House.”

Banon was a source of information for all, but protests against Conway’s discretion may be hollow for some.

As the Guardian wrote review 2019 Recollections by Former Chief of Staff of the Team of Vipers: “[Cliff] Sims spilled beans on Conway, repeatedly trashed Jared Kushner, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Sean Spicer in the mainstream media, and told the press a seemingly personal conversation with the president. “

Conway states that his relationship with Banon has begun successfully, but she is “strange man, moody, unfriendly, and tends to wipe out historical claims and bold declarations about the current state of politics. “I felt that.

These two were introduced by Rebekah Mercer on the far right. Mega donor Whose Owned Cambridge Analytica, a data company linked to Banon Get caught up in a scandalConway has not investigated.

Prior to the 2016 election, Conway said of Banon that “the marriage in our arrangement has made a promising start.”

She also says Banon urged her to work at Trump’s White House.

But Conway says at the White House, Banon’s “main job seemed to be to build his own territory.” She also says the president’s daughter, Ivanka Trump, warned that her Banon was on his way home.

Bannon Leaving the White House in August 2017In the turmoil of the far-right activist Donald Trump’s courtship, with which Banon is closely associated.

Banon is the only Trump aide in the face of criminal accusations related to the January 6 attack on the US Capitol. He was acquitted after being charged with contempt of Congress.

Kellyanne Conway is aiming for Banon in the book, but hits an ongoing Trump | Kellyanne Conway

Source link Kellyanne Conway is aiming for Banon in the book, but hits an ongoing Trump | Kellyanne Conway

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