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Atlanta, Georgia (CW69 News at 10) — In addition to shopping, dining, and hanging out at Atlantic Station, visitors get a glimpse of an interactive art display, including murals by notable artist Kelsey Montague.

Lizat Martin, who lives in Atlanta, stopped to immerse himself in the mural while walking near the green space. The 30-foot x 20-foot mural is on the wall of the Azotea Cantina. “I love green because it represents growth, positive energy, new life, change,” she said.

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The Montague mural pays homage to the Atlantic Station, where people gather, and shows a giant tree with swings hanging from it. Visitors can stand and take pictures in front of the swing, pretend to lean on a tree, or create other poses to interact with the mural. “I wanted this work to be not only interactive, but also have that kind of community atmosphere,” she said. The mural depicts the center of Atlanta, the old Atlantic Steel Mill, the skyline of Atlantic Station, and a tribute to the official Georgia butterfly, the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail.

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Montague and her family live in Denver, but her work began in New York. “I like drawing wings, so I made two angel wings. I put an Instagram handle on it.” She also has the hashtag “What Lifts You.” The wings flew and embarked on a journey to create murals around the world before arriving at Atlantic Station. “When I contacted them, I thought this would be a really great set. I really love your community and your building,” she said. “It’s great. That’s exactly what we wanted. [We are] She is very pleased to be part of this project, “said Kristi Rey, director of marketing at Atlantic Station. “I am very pleased to bring joy to the entire community and to bring joy to it.

Montague says her mother is her greatest inspiration. “She was like the first artist I met and was very supportive, as is my whole family,” she said. She is currently working and traveling with her sister Courtney Montague and a small dog named Lou. “I want to give my art a gift. I come in, I create and pour everything in.” Thanks to the people who receive the artwork, including visitors to Atlantic Station. “She had a pretty good view of the bottom of the city, which means she’s growing,” Martin said.

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The next stops in Montague include South Dakota and Alaska. “I want to continue. I want to continue making,” he said with enthusiasm. She is also looking forward to her next visit to Atlanta.

Kelsey Montague’s Interactive Artwork Celebrates The Community – CBS Atlanta Source link Kelsey Montague’s Interactive Artwork Celebrates The Community – CBS Atlanta

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