Ken Buck and Ike McCorkle debate ends with screams and accusations – Denver, Colorado

Denver, Colorado 2020-10-16 23:18:18 –

The only debate scheduled between U.S. Representative Ken Buck and Democratic challenger Ike McCorkle ended on an unusual note Friday night when Buck accused McCorkle of fundraising with a violent leftist and McCorkle yelled about a t -shirt that Buck wore, as the congressman stood up and walked around. outside.

During the debate closing speech, held in an American Legion hall in Elizabeth, Buck asked McCorkle why he organized a fundraiser in September with a progressive activist in Weld County. This week, a video of the activist speaking about the need for left-wing activism was posted by Project Veritas, a conservative group known for secretly recording stories and selectively editing videos.

“I hope you’re going to return every penny you’ve made in this fundraiser with someone of that mindset,” said Buck, who is chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. “It’s absolutely shameful that the Democratic Party and a candidate running for election in the 4th Congressional District are doing something like this.

McCorkle, who had already made closing remarks, was then told he could no longer speak. After a discussion between Buck, McCorkle, and the debate moderator, editor of the Fort Morgan Times, the debate ended. Buck and the moderator started to come out, but McCorkle remained seated and delivered his response.

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