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Ken Buck on his future as Colorado’s GOP leader — he hasn’t made up his mind — and Republican losses – The Colorado Sun – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-11-20 05:00:00 –

US Congressman Ken Buck predicted that the 2020 election would be good for Colorado Republicans. He believed that President Donald Trump was ready to establish a solid position in the state and Senator Cory Gardner would win the reelection.

It didn’t happen. Instead, the Republicans of Colorado have been further categorized into a minority of state legislatures, and currently the only civil servant elected throughout the state is the University of Colorado Regent Heidiganard.

“We wanted Cory Gardner to be reelected and to win one or two seats in the state legislature. We would get one or two net profits,” he said with Colorado Sun on Thursday. I mentioned in the interview. Day. “I think it was a shame in that respect.”

Back, who was elected to the Colorado Republican Party in 2019, is facing pressure from within the party after another disappointing election cycle. But, contrary to reports that he is in control of the Republican Party and does not seek an additional two-year term, Buck says he has not decided whether to run for reelection in his leadership post.

Sun talked to Buck about the future of the Colorado Republican Party, his future, and what happened in the 2020 elections.

The following interview was edited for clarity and length..

Details: Where are Colorado Republicans going from here?

Colorado Sun: You were really bullish towards 2020 about Cory Gardner and Donald Trump’s chances in Colorado. I’m curious why they think they didn’t work.

Kenback: I think everyone understands what happened. We were hit by a pandemic, the economy went south, and the president escaped from having the most problems possible. It was a powerful economy that he could clearly trust. Then a pandemic broke out and took the problem away from him. So instead of running the president’s incumbent in 40 of the 50 states, there was a presidential incumbent who needed to know how many states he needed to win. At some point in the fall, Colorado was off the list. After that decision was made, it left Colorado’s Cory Gardner and others hanging a bit.

I do not blame the president at all. He needs to run the campaign and figure out how to win. But in reality, they decided to focus on Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, and a few other states instead of Colorado.

President Donald Trump will be attending a campaign rally at the World Arena in Colorado Springs on Thursday, February 20, 2020, with Secretary of the Interior David Burnhart, US Congressman Kenbach, and US Congressman Dougramborn from left to right. (Special to Mark Wraith, Colorado Sun)

Sun: So do you think Cory Gardner was the top victim of the ticket?

back: Yes, that’s right. If President Trump was running last time, that is, if he lost 4.5 points in Colorado, I think Collie would have scored 4-5 points with President Trump. I think Cory Gardner was in good shape. I don’t think you can earn 10 or 12 points in a state like Colorado. I think Corey is a victim of the situation. He will come back. He was just caught in a bad situation.

Sun: Broadly speaking, how do you think Colorado Republicans acted in the 2020 elections?

back: I wanted Cory Gardner to be reelected and to win one or two seats in the state legislature — I got one or two net profits. I think it was a shame in that sense. The future of the Republican Party is encouraged by the fact that some volunteers and people have spent a lot of time and some have spent a lot of money.

Republican candidate Lauren Bobert and U.S. Senator Cory Gardner applaud at a voting rally at the Grand Junction Motor Speedway in Grand Junction, Colorado, Monday, November 2, 2020. I will. (Special to Burton Glasser, Colorado Sun)

Sun: Tell me why you are encouraged. What are some good signs about the future of Colorado’s Republicans?

back: It is beneficial whenever there is a president who can distinguish his position. I think President Trump was unfairly tagged with a problem with the coronavirus. This is primarily an issue managed by governors across the country. I think it’s unfair to blame President Trump’s reaction and lack of reaction. Now the Democrats have the opportunity to govern and talk about how Republican policies will improve.

Sun: Talking about the outcome of the presidential election from you and other Republicans on the Colorado General Assembly delegation in terms of accepting that Joe Biden, who was elected in the presidential election, actually won the election. I haven’t heard. Do you still have doubts, or do you think Biden was determined to have won?

back: I think it’s clear that President Trump has certain legal rights. When we start talking about President Biden, the party chair actually gives a bad signal about their legal rights. All elections have fraudulent elections. I am a district attorney, and dozens of proceedings have been filed in each election. Some were charged. Some were not charged. But obviously there is a scam. The question is whether there is a level of fraud that can change the outcome of the election. I think it is fair to proceed with the court proceedings. This country has a long history of candidates who challenge the elections in court.

Sun: From your point of view, do you think there was a level of scam that could change the outcome of the election?

back: do not know. I don’t think Colorado has that level of fraud. We know that there have been many scams in some of these major cities (historically Chicago and New York). I personally don’t know there is that level of scam. But I’m sure the president will pursue his options and he will do the right thing once those options are complete.

(((Editor’s Note: There was no evidence of widespread fraudulent voting in the United States that would change the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.)

Sun: I read that you are not going to seek another term as chairman of the Colorado Republican Party. Can you tell us why you made that decision and whether you support someone to replace you?

back: Did I say that?

Sun: That’s what a party spokesman said.

back: There are no comments at this time.

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Sun: Have you decided if you are going to look for another term?

back: I thought it was important to help Corey in this important election, so I asked for the chair. I think it’s really important that the Republicans have state-wide elected officials like Cory Gardner who can lead the party. I wanted to do everything I could to help him. I have never had a conversation — and frankly, I went back to the swamp and was involved in the reorganization of Congress — and so I sat down and didn’t think about it. I certainly didn’t empower (the party spokesperson) to talk about whether I was running for another term.

Sun: To clarify: Are you making a decision either way?

back: I haven’t announced whether I will run for the next term.

US Congressman Kenback, R-Windsor. (Distribution material)

Sun: What happened to the oversight committee formed to investigate the major controversies in Weld and El Paso counties? It was my understanding that I intended to make any reports about them.

back: It’s also my understanding that you will receive a report, and frankly, I’m terribly angry about it. If you talk to Scott Gessler (former Colorado Secretary of State), you’ll want to know why he’s been sitting there for months. It’s absolutely ridiculous. The work of the committee was done a few months ago. You have some young volunteers accused of cheating. Evidence shows that this is not the case and I do not know why it was not done. Obviously, I need someone else to write this report, as Scott Gessler can’t get it done.

(Editor’s Note: “I am the chair of the committee.” Gessler said in an interview with Sun on Thursday. “Money stops with me, it’s my responsibility. Chair Back is anything about it. We are not responsible for delays. “)

Trump supporters at the Trump Bus Tour Campaign event held in Denver on Friday, August 28, 2020. (Jesse Paul, Colorado Sun)

Sun: Gessler actually suggested that he was interested in running for the Republican chairman of Colorado. Are you nervous?

back: No, don’t get me wrong. I don’t care who runs or who doesn’t. I think there is a certain political etiquette to let someone publicly announce that you are not running before you announce that you are running. But I can say that I have no personal objection to Scott Gessler, other than the fact that this report has been postponed for a long time.

(Editor’s Note: Gessler confirmed to Sun that he was “considering” the candidacy for the Republican Speaker of Colorado.)

Sun: The party was about running for the Governor and the US Senate in 2022. You might put the carriages in front of the horses here, but are you thinking about them?

back: I don’t think there is a cart and I don’t think there are horses. I don’t know which one I want to put in front. Now I’m stuck in a swamp and trying to find a way to accomplish good things for America. I’m not focusing on any of the issues you just talked about.


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