Ken Salazar to Mexico and Tomnides to Israel

Former US Senator Ken Salazar

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From Washington-President Joe Biden has announced that former Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar will be appointed US Ambassador and Morgan Stanley Vice Chairman Tom Nides will be ambassador to Israel.

Salazar is a former Colorado Attorney General, a former Democratic Senator, who left the Senate in 2009 to join President Barack Obama’s administration and head the Ministry of Interior.

In the 2020 presidential election, Salazar chaired Biden’s Latin Leadership Commission and was Honorary Co-Chair of the Colorado-Draten Leadership Council of the Biden Campaign.

Nides was Deputy Secretary of State under the Obama administration and was the top aide to the then US Trade Representative Mickey Kantor during the Clinton administration.

Biden also announced that he would nominate Captain Sullenberger, CB “Sally,” to represent the United States in the ranks of Ambassador of the International Civil Aviation Organization Council. Sullenberger is a retired airline pilot, best known for successfully landing US Airways Flight 1549 on the Hudson River in 2009.

Biden has selected Julian Smith as the prestigious ambassador-ranked post for NATO’s Permanent Representative in the United States. Smith, a former Deputy National Security Adviser to Biden when he was Vice President, also directed NATO policy at the Pentagon.

Dr. Cynthia Theres, a professor of psychiatry based in Los Angeles, is Biden’s choice for Costa Rica’s ambassador. Teres teaches at UCLA and has been the director of the UCLA Spanish-speaking Psychosocial Clinic and School of Hispanic Neuropsychiatry Center of Excellence for 30 years.

The announcement was highly anticipated. But, as they did when Biden was traveling abroad, they emphasized Biden’s broader purpose of having experienced and widely respected diplomats at US embassies abroad. ..

In addition to the intended candidates above, Biden also used four Career Alien Services Officers as ambassadors.

  • Julie Chung, Ambassador of Sri Lanka
  • Sharon L. Cromer, Ambassador of The Gambia
  • Troy Damian Fitrel as Guinea Ambassador
  • Paraguayan Ambassador Mark Ostfield

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Ken Salazar to Mexico and Tomnides to Israel

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