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Looking at Joe Amabile with Serena Pitt, she found that Kendall Long was overkill in “Bachelor in Paradise,” and after confirming that her ex had officially moved, she went to the beach. I decided to leave.

Joe Amabile When Serena Pit Season 7 relationships are stronger than ever Bachelor’s degree in paradise, But have his ex, Kendall LongOn the beach, it wasn’t easy for anyone involved in a love triangle.Previously Joe Clarified Kendall told him he was going to keep pursuing Relationship with Serena, She couldn’t get over how difficult it was to meet him with someone else. “I cried a lot, and most of the time it was awkward and I lied that I was having a hard time with it,” she admitted. “I don’t want to be upset in front of someone, and in front of him and Serena. It’s frustrating.”

Kendall knew he had to talk to Joe to hash his feelings. “There’s still something to keep me on him,” she said in a confession. “It’s hard to be so vulnerable. Some of me really want to keep trying. I just don’t want to give up, but at the same time keep Joe’s relationship out of the way of my happiness. One of the things I know for sure … I always love Joe. I think he feels the same as I do. “

Joe Amabile and Serena Pitt on a date during “BIP”. (Craig Sjodin / ABC)

Kendall set Joe aside and told her how difficult the situation was for her. “Many things have come back from being here,” she explained. “I’m always going back to thinking about the way we first met here and everything we experienced when we were first here. I love the old way. I still feel you are my best friend. I love to see you prosper, happy, entertaining and making connections, but it remembers why I fell in love with you Let me. It’s hard to see. “

She began to cry when she revealed that she “never stopped” loving Joe. He didn’t express the same feelings, but she comforted her sobbing and informed her, “I’m here for you.” Kendall knew he was very vulnerable and admitted, “I feel like I shouldn’t have come here.”

At that point, Kendall began to notice that she and Joe weren’t on the same page. She explained that she came to paradise because she felt that she “always loves” Joe. But he felt different. “Honestly, the reason I came here was because I knew it was over among us,” Joe said. “If I didn’t feel it, I wouldn’t come. I got the impression that you feel the same.”

They ended the conversation in a hug, and Kendall knew it was time for her journey to end. “I’m going out,” she told the group. “It was really terrible.” Leaving meant she had to end her throw. Ivan Hall, The person who received the rose at the last rose ceremony. Kendall wept when he tried to end his relationship with Joe forever in the past.

“This is just catastrophic,” she said while driving. “Joe is my person. I had a real relationship with Joe, and then I’m back where it all started, and I just feel absolutely broken.” , Joe found comfort in Serena.He explained that it’s hard to see Kendall so upset, but Serena assured it wouldn’t rob anything. their Definitely a serious relationship!

Kendall leaves “Bachelor of Paradise” in Joe and Serena’s romance – Hollywood Life

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