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Fresno, California 2020-10-30 12:21:16 –

Stamford, Connecticut-Prosecutor said Friday that Kennedy’s cousin Michael Skakel would not face a second trial in the murder of Martha Moxley.

Attorney Richard Colangelo, Jr. of the State Supreme Court, said in a hearing at the Stanford High Court that the case cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt.

Robert F. Kennedy’s widow, Ethel Kennedy’s nephew, Kennedy was convicted of murder in 2002 and sentenced to 20 years in life imprisonment. Several appeals followed. Skakel was released on bail of $ 1.2 million in 2013 after serving behind the bar for 11 years after a judge overturned his conviction.

The State Supreme Court upheld the ruling in 2018, and the US Supreme Court refused to hear the state’s appeal last year.

Moxley’s brother, John, says he and his mother, Dorsey, are reassured by the decision not to seek a second trial, although he still believes Skekel killed his sister. Said outside.

“His life is never the same. My stuff is never the same. I don’t want to walk a mile in his shoes,” Moxley said.

Skakel did not comment during the hearing or outside the courtroom. His lawyer, Stephen Seger, said the skeleton was innocent.

“He was innocent from day one. The crime shouldn’t have ended in trial in the first place,” Seger said.

Due to Kennedy’s name, Skekel’s wealthy family, many theories about who killed Moxley, and the brutal way she died, the case received widespread attention. Several other people, including Skekel’s brother Tommy Skekel, who denied the role of murder, are said to have the potential for murder. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is one of Skekel’s most prominent defenders.

The retrial would have caused some difficulties for the prosecutor. There was a lack of forensic and witness evidence for Skakel. A new alibi witness has appeared. An important witness who said Skekel confessed is dead. And the Moxleys are worried about going through another trial.

On the night of the murder, police said Martha Moxley and the other teens in the Belhaven district were playing pre-Halloween pranks and visiting Skekel’s house.

Her body was found the next day in a family mansion opposite Skekel’s house. According to police, she was beaten with a 6-iron owned by the Skeckel family and stabbed in the throat with a piece of shattered shaft in a golf club.

At Skakel’s trial, prosecutors suggested that Martha was angry because Skakel spurred his progress while making sexual contact with his brother Tommy.

Michael Skakel said he was miles away from the crime scene watching the “Monty Python” television show with others at a time when Moxley was likely to have been killed. However, prosecutors allege that he may have killed her after returning home that night.

Police interviewed many witnesses, but the case cooled.

Interest revived in 1993 when author Dominique Dunne published a murder-based novel, A Season in Purgatory.

Then, in 1998, former Los Angeles Police Department detective Mark Fuhrman, who was notorious for the OJ Simpson murder, claimed that Michael Skakel had killed Moxley with jealousy when he saw Thomas Skakel kissing her. He published his own book, The Murder of Greenwich.

That same year, a grand jury of a judge was announced to investigate the murder, Skakel was arrested in 2000, and convicted in 2002.

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