Kent State University students complain as COVID-19 cases increase on campus – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2020-10-18 21:13:49 –

Kent, Ohio (WJW) — Kent State University students have expressed dissatisfaction with fellow outfits as the Kent State University Health Department recently ordered 138 students to quarantine potential COVID-19 exposure.

“You have all these socially hungry young adults separated for about nine months and put them all in one place. Some of them just met and disobeyed suggestions from the health sector. I will. ” Second grade Erie Benedict.

According to the university, this order affects students living in four different dormitories. The university has 279 dormitory rooms for quarantine. This is the person who tested positive because of isolation from the person in close contact.

“We are very comfortable with the quarantine quarantine space we have. Staff availability, availability of food services to address this situation,” said the reopening chair of the university. One Manfred van Dalmen said.

Some students were confident in how the university cares for people in quarantine.

“They drop food at the door, breakfast, lunch, and supper. When a person tests positive, they shut down half of the floor. As you know, they’re doing a lot and as much as they can. I think I’m doing my best, “said freshman Holly Ratkovich.

With more tests on campus and in the city, the state set up a pop-up site at a local junior high school on Sunday.

“We’ve seen an increase in numbers at college, and that’s obviously a concern for us. So the city and college are working very well and we’ve been doing this ever since it started. “We are,” said Lieutenant Mike Lewis of the Kent City Police Department.

Benedict lives at home and comes to campus only one day a week.

She says most of the student’s body is cooperating with health precautions, but she sees groups on campus that aren’t.

“My mom is immunocompromised, so I’ve tried my best not to be exposed to anything, but when I saw it, I came to campus and was a little disappointed for my health and my mom’s health. I did, “she said.

Benedict says the party is still a problem and is concerned about the events happening around Halloween.

“I’ve even been invited to some, but I just didn’t feel safe so I had to decline,” she said. “I don’t think it’s a good idea to get together without a mask, even in a small group.”

The university also expressed concern and said it continued to ask people not to attend the rally.

They say they are focusing on their Halloween strategy with the city.

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