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Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2022-07-06 14:59:03 –

Louisville, Kentucky (AP) — Attorneys at two Kentucky abortion clinics ordered an injunction in court on Wednesday to prevent an almost total ban on state-wide proceedings following a U.S. Supreme Court ruling. I asked for. Overturn the Roe v. Wade case..

Jefferson Circuit Judge Mitch Perry Issued a temporary restraint Last week, an order was issued to block the state’s ban on abortion, and two clinics in Louisville resumed abortion practices. If granted, the injunction suspends state law while the proceeding is being filed.

Kentucky General of Kentucky Daniel Cameron has appealed a detention order to the State Court of Appeals, but the Kentucky Supreme Court dismissed Cameron’s appeal on Tuesday night.

Abortion advocates Kentucky law prohibiting abortionSet to take effect immediately after the Supreme Court’s decision, violates the State Constitution.

Dr. Ashley Belkin, who had an abortion at the EMW Clinic in Louisville and was the first witness to be summoned by a clinic lawyer on Wednesday, testified to many possible health risks of pregnancy. Belkin quoted statistics showing that pregnancy can be more dangerous to the mother’s health than abortion.

Deputy Justice Secretary Vic Maddox asked Bergin to provide details of the abortion procedure during the cross-examination and asked Perry to “reduce graphics” to Maddox. Maddox also asked Belkin if he and his mother would consider the fetus a patient.

“I don’t see it in those terms,” ​​Bergin replied.

In a lawsuit seeking an injunction, clinic lawyers claimed that women were “forced to continue to become pregnant against their will,” in violation of the state constitution.

The Kentucky Abortion Law contains a narrow exception that allows doctors to perform procedures when deemed necessary to prevent the death or permanent injury of the mother.

Democratic Governor Andy Beshear has accused the state’s trigger law of being “radical” and noted that there are no exceptions to rape and incest.

Republican candidate Cameron, who is running for governor, said Tuesday night that he was disappointed that the new abortion law in Kentucky had been postponed.

In a social media statement, “We have asked all three levels of Kentucky’s judiciary to allow these laws to come into force. None of the judges have suggested that these laws are unconstitutional, but unfortunately. But still banned, from forcing them. “

The proceedings filed by a lawyer in a Kentucky clinic are one of a number of such efforts in states that passed similar legislation in anticipation of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the Roe v. Wade case earlier this month. It is one.

Elsewhere in the south, Judge Mississippi on Tuesday Rejected request By the only abortion clinic in the state that temporarily blocks laws banning most abortions.Florida has a new 15-week abortion ban Blocked, but restored immediately After being appealed by the State Attorney General in a proceeding to challenge the restrictions.

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